Ziggler and aj really dating

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On-screen alliances are common and relationships in wrestling are nothing new. While WWE has historically put real-life couples together on-screen, there have been numerous instances where WWE paired two Superstars together even though they weren't dating, engaged, or married in real life. This list highlights those couples who had a run on-screen - and whether it was memorable or not, many of them weren't together in real life. Let's take a look at nine such instances. Dolph Ziggler had a whirlwind of a year in , but the end of saw him form a new alliance and a new relationship.

He won the Money in the Bank briefcase that year and was involved with Vickie Guerrero. Soon after, the debuting Big E Langston confirmed that the two were an item on-screen. A concussion and Del Rio's lack of popularity would lead to the title changing hands and a double turn a couple of months later, while Ziggler ended the on-screen relationship In July of They were never together backstage and the alliance was widely regarded as a mistake by many who felt that Lee should have had her own spotlight in the Divas division.

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Ziggler and aj really dating

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9 WWE couples who weren't together in real life