Will quick fix pass a dot drug test

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Did you know that people hoping to cheat on a drug test can now buy fake pee? Synthetic urine mimics the visual, chemical, and thermal properties of human urine. So, you might be wondering, does it work? And more importantly, how can you prevent adulteration from occurring during a drug test?

These products vary when it comes to their ingredients, shelf life, cost, and success rate. They typically come in the form of a kit, which must be properly mixed and heated in order to mimic urine. In most states, the sale of synthetic urine is legal. Both states began their bans this year In addition, although the federal drug testing program currently uses only urine specimens for analysis, that may change in the future due to concerns regarding synthetic urine.

Federal drug tests could utilize oral fluid or hair samples as alternatives. Even the most reliable fake pee products are extremely risky. Temperature is often the tell-tale characteristic of synthetic urine. Like Goldilocks, collection sites require a specimen of the proper temperature — not too hot, not too cold. If a specimen falls outside of the range 90— degrees Fahrenheit, it is clearly a fake. Instead of testing urine samples, try testing oral fluid or hair.

Although the detection period for oral fluid is short about 24 to 48 hours , it is very difficult to adulterate or substitute a specimen because the collection process is typically observed. In addition, the process is easily administered, quick, and noninvasive. Hair follicles , on the other hand, provide a very long window of detection about 30 days per 0.

They often required a period of drug usage for detection several days as opposed to a single experience. Specimens of hair are nearly impossible to adulterate or substitute because the collection process is observed. However, the process is somewhat invasive, requiring about — hairs per sample. At Tomo Drug Testing , our highly trained technicians are prepared to use several methods to deter and detect drug test substitutions.

If you try to cheat the system, you will be caught either at the collection site or at the laboratory. Laboratories are constantly updating their detection strategies to match and combat the new substitution and tampering methods.

We take all necessary precautions to prevent the adulteration of specimens. We either do perform or can perform all of the following to deter and detect the use of adulterants and substitutions:. If you would like to learn more about detecting adulterants during testing, preventing adulteration, and other methods of alteration to watch out for, check out this blog post: Adulterants in Drug Testing. Although you can rely on Tomo to use effective techniques to detect fake urine, why not try to prevent adulteration before it occurs? Every collection site is different, so you will need to assess your own space and consult with your testing provider to ensure that you address all threats to the integrity of the procedure.

We encourage you to try some or all of the following techniques:. Hoping to pass a drug test? Urine substitution is not your best bet. Hoping to protect your drug testing program from adulteration? Contact Tomo Drug Testing for help. We can help you further explore your options, so that you can select a testing methodology that reflects your wants, your needs, your concerns, and your budget.

Based in Springfield MO , St. For a free needs analysis, give us a call today at or online. We would be happy to help! Will not be displayed Making a Difference. Is fake pee legal? Does fake pee work for a drug test?

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Will quick fix pass a dot drug test

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