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Roberts gas station on Third Street reports there is gas leaking from one of the gas pumps there; officer and fire department sent. Two arrested. William Henry Jones Jr. Robert L. Ramirez Jr. Kurtyka Jr, 52, of Turners Falls Road. Charged with speeding, marked lanes violation, operating to endanger and OUI liquor. Jonathan J. Bones, 23, arrested and charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct, subsequent offense.

Perry, 45, of Coolidge Avenue, Turners Falls. Accident under investigation. The boyfriend of the operator was en route to pick up the vehicle. Escort to locker room for sports team. Services rendered. Still searching for the man elsewhere. It will be documented. Luis Martinez, 29, of Second St. No injuries listed. Perry, 35, of Coolidge Avenue, Turners Falls, charged on two default warrants. Situation under investigation. Simmons, 35, of Maple Street, Turners Falls, on a straight warrant and a default warrant.

Noon - Caller from Winthrop Street reports her year-old daughter just assaulted her, but she declined medical attention; the daughter is still in the home, but has no weapons on her; while still on the line with the reporting party, the daughter left the home; officers sent, and located the daughter on Winthrop Street; investigation le to arrest of Amanda Billiel, 17, of Winthrop Street, Millers Falls, charged with assault and battery, domestic. Under investigation. Peace was restored. Hodsdon, 44, of Farren Avenue, Turners Falls, on a probation warrant.

Advised of options. Referred to other agency. Jacob R. Melendez, 40, of Farren Avenue, Turners Falls, charged with disorderly conduct, and assault and battery on a police officer. James V. Wickline, 50, of 2B Bradford Drive, Greenfield, arrested and charged with assault and battery domestic, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Pierce Bridge at Kingsley Avenue; investigation led to arrest of Logan Ty Remick, 30, of Montague City Road, Turners Falls, charged with operating a motor vehicle with revoked registration, operating with suspended , and uninsured motor vehicle.

Baker, 58, of Eleventh Street, Turners Falls, charged with assault and battery, domestic , assault with a dangerous weapon, and threatening to commit a crime. There is probable cause for arrest. Vaughn, 46, of Seventh Street, Turners Falls, charged with assault and battery, domestic. Pelis, 22, of West High Street, Erving, charged with operating to endanger, and failure to stop for police, and a summons is pending for another subject.

Lewis Perry, 42, of 4 Grand Ave. Single-car rollover, driver unhurt. Deer blamed. Devin M. Desroches, 25, of 22 X St. Roberts station. Officer to investigate. Salls, 34, of Third Street, Turners Falls, charged with failure to register as a sex offender. Charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer. David E. Hmieleski, 33, of 62 South Prospect St. Summons issued for domestic assault and battery and intimidating a witness.

Joshua A. Hammond, 35, of South Prospect St. They were moved along. Hammond, 35, of Prospect Street, Millers Falls, on two default warrants. Poirier was given a verbal warning for failure to use care in backing in the accident. Charged with attaching plates to a vehicle, driving an unregistered vehicle, no plate light. Arrested Christopher D. French, 23, of 9 Kettle Hole Lane on a charge of larceny of a motor vehicle.

Officers found no problems on site at this time; the day care provider advised the parent not to return with the child; she will call back if the parent returns. Local officers did respond to the area, and learned the female went with another woman, to go to Springfield, where the female was later dropped. Fisk, 32, of East Main Street, Orange. Plasse, 21, of L Street, Turners Falls. Mimitz Jr. Report taken. Arrested was Thomas E. Roberts gas station and convenience store on Third Street, where the caller says a woman allegedly stole a half-dozen Little Debbie snacks, and put them in her purse; officers located the woman, the items were recovered.

She has already contacted the school, among other steps, to no avail; officer responded and took the report. Officer also responding. Report filed. Roberts gas station on Third Street, a yearold, reports he has found his Mongoose BMX bike, which was stolen one month ago; it is now in the hands of a male classmate; officer sent, and the bike was recovered and returned to the owner; the mother of the other child was also spoken to as well.

Clayton, 49, of Bridge Street, Millers Falls. Santiago, 24, of Springfield, on a warrant, and for violation of abuse prevention restraining order. Crowder, 30, of Fourth Street, Turners Falls, charged with assault and battery, domestic , a. Roberts station on Third Street to take a report of shoplifting. Officer found the wire, and Montague Center Fire Department was summoned, and they cut the wire; Verizon will repair the line tomorrow.

Shea, 33, of X Street, Turners Falls, on a straight warrant. Some wax baggies and a hypodermic needle. Officer destroyed items, requests it be logged that more paraphernalia was found in this area; advise future checks of area. Owner alleges he parks his car elsewhere and leaves the keys in the ignition, so someone must have stolen it. Operator was advised of the reason for the call and that following a bus is not a good idea. Male could be heard yelling in the background about telling the cops about all the stuff they stole from Walmart if they come.

Caller stated she was going to try and work this out and will call back if we are needed. Officers advised, all quiet on arrival. Male has packed his things; female will give him a ride to Greenfield. Matthew A. Campagna, 26, of 15 Farren Ave. Blake, 38, of Fourth Street,. Officers found it quiet on arrival, and one officer reported no foot traffic at all in the downtown.

Report taken, p. Burrell, 44, of Shelburne Road, Greenfield, charged with violation of the restraining order. Caller was advised to discuss this with the management first. One vehicle was parked at the time. Unable to find viable prints. David W. Charbonneau, 58, of 60 Lockes Village Road, Wendell, arrested and charged with operating under the influence of liquor. Large party. Approximately 50 people, mixed ages.

Party dispersed, drivers checked for sobriety before leaving. Black wallet found at scene, put in lost and found. While on phone all left. During stop of last vehicle from line on Millers Falls Road female party fled into the woods. Female in custody in area of Turners Falls Road. Cayla Sue Plasse, 21, of 10 Crescent St. Caller advised construction is going on and entry was made by pushing through a temporary wall. Appears nothing is missing. Officer reports he can smell what he believes to be the remnants of fireworks. Contact made with owners who will be en route to check on livestock and restore fence.

Wife wants real sex Turners Falls

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