Wife cheated with best friend

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However, it is surprisingly not uncommon for the two most important people in your life to get involved with each other. A situation like this is tougher than infidelity because your partner is involved with someone you trust. Some husbands end up feeling bad. They often go into depression as they suddenly lose two important people. With nowhere to go, some men even start to question right and wrong. In such situations, it is important that you stay in control and take the right steps so that you can stay focused. ing a support group can help people make peace with their pain. Who will you turn to for support?

In a situation like this, the only support you can get is from a support group. Sitting around people who have gone through the same thing will make you realize that it is okay and normal. They will understand your situation and not make you feel uncomfortable. A lot of men end up spending more time alone as they are afraid of facing the world and answering their questions. Being a part of a support group will allow you to get it out of your system and learn from the experiences of other people. Having one to one sessions with a therapist will help you dive into yourself and deal with your issues.

Cheating affects both the parties adversely but the person getting the shorter end of the stick is the one who was cheated on. It can result in anxiety, increased distress, depression, self-blame, low self-esteem, PTSD, lower concentration span, low performance at work, rage, and lots more. Some people indulge in rebound sexual relationships which makes them feel even worse on the inside. Seeing a therapist helps you identify any and every issue that you may have and helps you deal with it.

Your therapist can become your support system. If you have decided to part ways with your spouse or are in limbo while deciding what needs to be done, it is time to visit a divorce attorney. The attorney will help you understand the legal consequences, the path you need to follow, and the way you need to look at things legally.

Once you get a legal perspective of the situation, things will get clearer and you will be able to make the decision for yourself. In case you decide on filing for a divorce, make sure you devise a proper strategy for property allocation, alimony and child custody in case you have . Some people may decide to continue their relationship.

In such a case, we suggest that you discuss the situation with your partner and make rules so that such a thing does not happen again. Not doing so can lead to an altercation, depression, and other such issues. Since you two have been best friends, you may share the same circle. Hence, you may have to look for new friends. If you want to dive into the dating world again and explore new relationships, there is nothing wrong with it. However, before going forward, you need to ask yourself whether you really want to do it or if it is a rebound and you are indulging in it just to get revenge.

Thus, before dating again, make sure you are in the right state of mind and that you have pure intentions. Moreover, if you want to date but are not confident enough due to your rugged past, you need to know that all women are not the same. There will be pictures, clothes, decoration pieces, souvenirs, diaries, and whatnot that will remind you of your spouse and your best friend.

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Wife cheated with best friend

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The Night My Wife Cheated With My Best Friend —​ While I Was Home