Why do relationships make me depressed

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Maybe your partner is wonderfully hunky dory, but your mental health is deteriorating. What now? Below, experts share seven s that your relationship may be hurting your mental health and exacerbating conditions like depression and anxiety. If you are experiencing depression, consult a professional, she says. And at their worst, toxic or abusive relationships can lead to suicide ideation , according to a study in the Journal of Affective Disorders. A review in Psychological Bulletin found that relationships have "direct influences on cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, neurosensory, and other physiological mechanisms.

Listen to your body and take care of it mentally and physically. It could feel uncomfortable, but you owe it to your partner to try to talk about it, Ryan adds. A feeling of relief could indicate that your partner is causing you stress, says Parker, especially if it's accompanied by "a sense of weight and physical tension in the partner's presence. According to Parker, this could be a that your partner is responsible for your decreased self-esteem , whether in a subtle way, like ignoring or gaslighting you, or more overt, like insulting you.

In some abusive relationships , people may like they can't leave for emotional, physical, or financial reasons. If your partner is the source of most of them, the relationship is likely doing more harm than good. By Suzannah Weiss and Katherine Plumhoff. Updated: July 30, Originally Published: July 17, See All Health Relationships Self.

Why do relationships make me depressed

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Relationship Trouble: Is it Your Partner or Your Mental Health Condition? Here’s How to Know The Difference