Who sings the song love love love

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Lyrics submitted by TeeKayyTotally , edited by Killianma , makkusu. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Well, maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away Yeah, maybe I'm a crook for not caring for it Yeah, maybe I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad person Well, baby, I know And these fingertips Will never run through your skin And those bright blue eyes Can only meet mine across the room filled with people that are less important than you All 'cause you love, love, love When you know I can't love You love, love, love When you know I can't love You love, love, love When you know I can't love you So I think it's best we both forget before we dwell on it The way you held me so tight All through the night 'Til it was near morning 'Cause you love, love, love When you know I can't love You love, love, love When you know I can't love You love, love, love When you know I can't love you All 'cause you love, love, love When you know I can't love You love, love, love When you know I can't love You love, love, love When you know I can't love you Edit Lyrics.

Love Love Love song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 43 Comments. My Interpretation to me it's funny that apparently everyone who has commented here tends to think that it is about a girl who somehow broke a guy's heart because of the first part of the song. There was an error. This is exactly what my interpretation has always been, mainly because I have troubles with loving people, even if I want to love them we won't go into it I really think your interpretation is exact.

RosesAndRuffles on February 19, I have the same thought, I agree completely with this. I never even thought of it in another way. Its very fitting in my life. The messed up thing with the inbikity to love due to not feeling worthy of it or being too scared comes from something or someone in your past. I know for me, the fact that I was so scared led me to push away the only person who meant anything to me and I think unfortunately I broke both of our hearts because of it.

I see this song as the person who doesn't feel worthy of the love trying to come to terms with the decisions that they made. Speaker on April 20, My Interpretation For me, the song is about a person let's say a she who is in a complex situation — maybe she is in a relationship or another situation, that makes her unable to return the love, even though she somehow wants to.

She doesn't want to end the relationship or situation she's in, but it still hurts because she cares so much more than she is able to show to the person. General Comment It's about brake-up betwen two people that felt love. Time passes away, but we still miss them. But we have to move on. When we find the person we could heal, we are still trying to forget the first love. This songs tell how she can't be with him, and she still misses him. And at the end she is aware, that they will never be together. Cirius on October 23, General Comment A song about someone who can't return love, even though they would like to.

I like to imagine this is as the song written by the girl who broke Bon Iver's heart see: Skinny Love poetogethr on August 05, Link. No Replies Log in to reply. She's saying she doesn't feel the same way about him as he does her, and she's feels really bad about breaking his heart.

Skavius on August 29, General Comment Been there, ended badly Am there, will probably end badly. ShoKill on October 23, Link. My Interpretation Alright, so. This song is about a woman who broke up with a man because she didn't love him This is set up in the first verse: "Maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away" She stole his heart, they fell in love. In the second verse, she realizes she'll never get to touch or hold him again like they did when they were lovers. Rather, her frustration stems from her inability to share his love. See the chorus? She is angry at him for loving her so much, and she is angry at herself for feeling nothing towards him.

She reaches the tip of her frustration. The outro is a kind of catharsis. Imagine seeing your ex at a party on the other side of the room. They stare up at you, and you share a fleeting moment of longing. You can feel a tug in the pit of your stomach. I imagine this song to happen in such a moment. But I digress. General Comment I think it's remarkable to see that Nanna wrote this song, since Ragnar gets so emotional on all of the live footage from this song especially the kexp sessions This creates the thought that the song definately has some personal connection for Ragnar, which leaves to wonder whether Nanna wrote this just about Ragnars life, or whether it's about her life as well, and it's about a possible past they shared, though I believe it's the formal TheTimo on May 26, Link.

Song Meaning I think its about how the girl flirted and the guy got attached, but she just can't love him. General Comment I think it's about a relationship where a person is so depressed and they don't see the point of love. One of them loves the other a lot, and the other one wants to love them back, but they're so depressed that they can't love themselves, let alone love others. Artists - O. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Love Love Love lyrics.

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Who sings the song love love love

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Love, Love, Love (James Blunt song)