Who plays in grudge match

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In. Edit Grudge Match Jim Lampley Sylvester Stallone Boxing Announcer voice Ireland Baldwin Dante Slate, Sr. Mason Mackie Young Dante Kevin Hart Dante Slate, Jr. Barry Primus Joey the Bartender Oscar Gale Walter BJ Guyer Jabby the Puppet Jen Kober Tough Female Customer Anthony Anderson Sandpaper Hands Carrie Lazar Nora Don Lake Video Game Producer Han Soto Kenji Kurt Krause College Kid Steve Levy Steve Levy John Buccigross John Buccigross Alan Arkin Tranny Hooker Greg Sproles Cop 1 Matthew Rimmer Shipyard Assistant Manager Kirk W.

Angry Driver as Kirk W. Johnson Sr. Yohance Myles Journalist 1 Larry Morgan Journalist 2 Jai Stefan Journalist 3 Frank Pesce Journalist 4 Kim Basinger Sally Todd Truley Camare Paul Ben-Victor Lou Camare Robert Larriviere Commercial Director Jon Bernthal Joey Diaz Frankie Brite Greg Plitt Skydiving Instructor Courtney Brennan Anchorwoman Mykel Shannon Jenkins Shmoo Rowan Joseph Waiter with Telephone Macsen Lintz Little Boy at Pool Dane Rhodes Mike Goldberg Camden Gray Trey Kate Reinders Groupie in Bar Griff Furst ER Doctor Sam Hoger Puking Boxer as Sam Hoger Jr.

Chael Sonnen Chael Sonnen Judd Lormand Prostitute Bonnie Hellman Angelina's Look Alike Wyatt Harris Assistant Coach Larry Merchant Larry Merchant Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. Robert Sale Kid's Cut Man James Joseph Razor's Cut Man Michael Buffer Michael Buffer Pat Russell Referee as Patrick C. Russell Mike Tyson Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield Evander Holyfield Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Mark Tubre Bus Driver Nicole Andrews Carla uncredited John L. Bar Thug uncredited Rex Baker EMT uncredited Nicholas Bursavich Casino Gambler uncredited Carroll Burt Ringside Reporter uncredited Jonathan Aaron Butler Parachute Spectator uncredited Janet Lynn Carey Ringside Judge uncredited Edward J.

Head of Security uncredited Ross P. Steel Worker uncredited Jordon Michael Corbin Football Player uncredited Haylie Creppel Girl in Pool uncredited Steven J. Razor Security uncredited Jeff DeRouen Portly Puppeteer uncredited Michelle DeVito Spectator uncredited Divine Prince Ty Emmecca Beautiful Woman uncredited James E.

Timekeeper Referee uncredited Barry Hanley Boxer uncredited Julie Hardin Steelworker uncredited Robin Hardy Shop Girl uncredited Sadarias Harrell Graphics Technician uncredited Lassiter Holmes Inmate uncredited Jessica Incorvaia Fight Attendant uncredited Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson VIP boxing guest uncredited Tiffany Jackson Ring Girl uncredited Jackie Jenkins Jr. Boxing Coach uncredited Allyson Leigh Jordan Spectator uncredited Jeffrey Karantza Fight Crowd uncredited Kirk Kepper Photo Model uncredited Gabriel Kissinger

Who plays in grudge match

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