When you meet someone amazing

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From the super highs, to the down lows and everything in between, here are feelings that will be familiar to those who have finally found the right person. Overwhelming excitement. You feel happy in a way you can only remember feeling as , and the whole world seems like the magical place it did back then, too. Schoolgirl giddiness. How often have you found yourself squealing on the phone with your friends and family, dancing around your apartment without a care in the world, and acting just a little bit silly and childish?

Intense anxiety. Not everyone will feel the nerves creep in when they finally meet their soulmate, but many of us do. Plus, what if you do something to mess it up? What happens when nerves and joy coincide? You feel a happy kind of nervousness when you think of him, when you go to meet him for dinner, when you talk to him on the phone. It makes you feel alive, and thankful to be. Energetic and alive. Invincible, like you can take on the world. Incredibly lucky. You know a lot of people search for years to find The One, and many never do. The fact that you have makes you wonder what you did to deserve this.

Unprecedented levels of passion. Ridiculously inspired. Your work will become more creative, and your ideas will start flowing. Finally free. You immediately connect with an awesome coach via text or over the phone in minutes. Just …. Sarah Burke Sarah is a full-time content marketer, part-time freelancer. Her real talent lies in her ability to consume copious amounts of wine, whilst discussing feminism and reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the 8th time All while saving puppies from burning houses, of course.

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When you meet someone amazing

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