When you find out the guy youre dating has a girlfriend

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This topic contains 48 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Darlean 2 months, 1 week ago. Been dating someone casually but still for over a year and find out he has a girlfriend just now. Never met a better liar in my whole life. On one hand, if I was the girlfriend I would want to know that my boyfriend had been cheating on me. Which brings me to…. On the other hand, inserting yourself any further into his life will most likely cause unnecessary drama for you and draw out this already painful experience.

She was clueless as well and completely shocked to learn about me. We are still friendly and this all happened a couple years ago. Ironically her name was Jo :. Thanks all. More responses please… I am so torn. Cynthia… I would want to know too. Of course I checked out her FB and she is so in love with this guy. If they are…he hooked up with me right after…This women is going to be so crushed. I am grateful that I am not her bc she built a life around this loser. If it helps you with your decision, if I were the woman being cheated on, I would want to know too. Think about how much more she will be hurt if she finds out years down the road.

I hope to never find myself in this situation, I would be torn as to what to do also. I would tell her. My sister was in this situation sort of. The girlfriend of 5 years found out about my sister and contacted her. She was very pleased she did! She may not believe you. If you have evidence, that will help. However, I will share a story of a friend of mine. This happened within the last year. My friend contacted the wife and told her. The wife confronted the husband about it and then he killed himself.

It was a horrible situation all around. I mean, what a coward… having a wife and baby at home, and then leading on my friend and lying to everyone only to kill himself??? My friend was pretty screwed up about it. Obviously this is a very extreme situation. And nobody should ever feel badly about being honest. But it was very complicated and my friend really struggled. Waitwhat wow what a nightmare. I will say anyone attempting an affair is in an unhappy place. Instead of looking to solve their problems or accept them, they look for a distraction in someone else.

Something that makes them feel temporarily better. I can see if how all that fell apart, for some people, where would there be left to go? I know other people who have done the same with money. Lived a lavish life and then been hit by a financial crash. Hi you know before I would have said leave the other woman out and dont get involved but now you know what im thinking maybe if we all stood together against these douchebags and put it out there then they would maybe think twice.

I was in a relationship and I sometimes had niggles that something might have been off but I never knew if this was insecurity or a gut feeling. If a girl had came to me I would have believed her and been grateful. So maybe its time these idiots started getting a comeuppance.

Also, he deserves to lose his relationship over this. So many men cheat. I am still very torn about this. I am not a vengeful person. I would only tell this woman out of compassion for her. And I would wait until the new year. Honestly I am more heart broken for than me. Every lie is like a loop playing in my head. Am I this gullible? Asked him repeatedly if there was someone else. Even ended the relationship a few times bc he was bringing his A game. Again, more lies for the biggest sucker to ever buy the biggest bridge in Brooklyn.

These were HIS poor decisions, not yours. If I were the gf, I would want to know. Best of luck! I would just walk away. The more you have yourself involved in this, the more you will get hurt. He will do everything to hurt your feelings once you tell his girlfriend. So why make your life harder when it is already so difficult at this moment? As for his girlfriend, she may already know someting. I am so sorry you had to face this. Yes, it is a tuff decision because she might blame you. Just trying to envision the scenario. I would want to know if I were her — you may not have been the first, and you may not be the last.

One of my best friends was in a relationship with a guy for over 10 years — they lived long distance for a lot of it due to school and their careers. This is a guy that flew across the country to come to my wedding with her — they were serious by all s. I think he was dating three women at times. He was also embezzling money from his employer and other business associates. If I were her, I would definitely want to know. My best friend was in a similar situation with a married guy.

He had two young children under the age of 4. He even went as far to tell my friend that he was divorcing her he never had intentions to. His wife had leukemia to make it worse and he was cheating with 3 other women as well. My friend went as far as screen shotting the text exchanges that she had with the guy some included naked pictures and his responses and sending them to his wife.

She was hurt. VERY hurt, but thankful. Its a bad situation all around. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but you may be doing her a favor. As for you, I would stop all contact with him. Ooooo, tough situation. So sorry that happened to you. I actually heard a podcast about this situation a while ago. The questions to ask would be why are you doing telling on him? Is it because you feel responsibility for a woman you have never met? It will only serve to cause her grief. The relationship between you and this man is over. Cut ties with him and move on.

I was cheated on in the past and found out from one of my best friends. However, not sure how I would have taken it if a stranger had contacted me out of the blue and told me. Exit the situation gracefully with your dignity in tact. This is on him. Let him do the dirty work. But given the circumstances, especially the fact that you did not know, any communication you have with this woman could be construed as jealousy. In my experience with these things, women hate women first. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful comments and advice. So sad for all. I found out in an odd way.

When you find out the guy youre dating has a girlfriend

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