When does veronica start dating logan

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Although they dated in Season 1, Veronica and Logan quickly broke up and did not end up with each other by the time the series ended in Season 3. With Veronica Mars coming to Hulu later this month, here is a list of the eight must-watch episodes for all the die-hard Veronica and Logan shippers. This Season 1 installment is the first time we catch of glimpse of how Veronica and Logan used to be good friends. Their interaction offers a look at their potential romance and makes it clear that Logan has feelings for Veronica — something fans picked up on from the start.

She has no patience for flashers and street scum. VeronicaMars returns July 26th, only on Hulu. Veronica agrees to help the boys, but only if they allow her to play in the tournament after she solves the crime. Was looking for snack, but got a full meal : hiryanhansen. Sadly, Veronica discovers that Lynn took her own life. Logan understandably experiences an emotional breakdown when she tells him the news. The one good thing about the bombshell is that it does bring them closer as a couple.

Their relationship heats up after Logan saves Veronica from a bomb. In the moment, Veronica kisses Logan in what turns out to be one of their most intense scenes together. Logan, of course, returns the favor and the pair initiates a quick make-out scene. LoVe it when he gives that look. It is also great to see Veronica and Jackie playing nice, which is a rare occurrence for the characters. Sadly, Season 2 did not feature a lot of romantic moments between Veronica and Logan. After all, Veronica decides to part ways with Logan half-way and starts dating Duncan.

While they are not dating in this episode, Logan goes out of his way to help Veronica escape from the Fitzpatricks. Logan is no stranger to playing the hero when it comes to Veronica, and this Season 2 episode of Veronica Mars is no exception.

After Veronica comes into contact with Cassidy Cassablancas, she finds herself in a dangerous situation once the killer goes on the attack. The rescue effort also rekindles things for the couple, which fans absolutely loved. True LoVe doesn't require portrait mode. Fans had to wait a long time to see the two officially together, but this episode made it all worth the wait. View this post on Instagram.

When does veronica start dating logan

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