What does winks mean

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In performing the below wink analysis, I struggled to find a single redeeming type although I did eventually get there, trust. Baby steps. I thought it irresponsible to leave off my own aforementioned approach, which carries almost no emotional ificance and instead serves as the easily-forgotten party trick no one asked for.

No recipient of this wink has ever been left satisfied. This wink is native to pleasant, approachable people over the age of This wink was really funny in elementary school when all of us learned about and became enamored with sarcasm as a form of comedy. This wink — to be used in the form of this gif and this gif only — is used to communicate that which its recipient has no fucking idea about. In my experience, most women are physically allergic to this wink. This brand of wink is exclusive to men and women over the age of It can be spotted in grocery stores, sidewalks and other generic public spaces and is always performed by a nice-enough seeming stranger without context or explanation.

This cheesy wink is used primarily as a means of communication between a patron and the employee helping them, particularly where under-the-table transactions, friends-and-family discounts or free desserts are concerned. A close relative to double-finger guns, this wink is employed by men who are and always have been conventionally attractive, resulting in a surplus of unchecked confidence that misle them to believe people will find this little parting gift charming instead of douchey.

This wink, the bastion of all that is good, is performed exclusively by animals and is rumored to bestow upon all who see it as a wealth of fortune. Image via Getty. By Amelia Diamond. By Daniela Guerrero. By Amalie MacGowan. By Tess Garcia. By Team Repeller. Search Clear Search. Next story Archive. Close Newsletter Modal Giving us your is the coolest!

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What does winks mean

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