West point and dating

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West Point, N. Military Academy are used to attending classes on topics such as physics, math and military science, but Monday and Tuesday they had a new instruction topic introduced to the curriculum--relationships. During the Relationships Symposium hosted by the SHARP program, cadets learned the basics of how to be in healthy dating and sexual relationships through a series of seminars on topics including how to talk about sex, asking for consent and the ethics of dating. This is the sixth year the symposium has been hosted and during the two-day event each of the four classes of cadets had one talk they were required to attend that discussed a topic key to healthy relationships.

How to navigate building relationships, how to navigate keeping relationships, keep it healthy and strong, and when it is time to end it, do it with dignity. Those things are skills that are, one, not modeled in our society very well and, two, when you do it wrong it can be really devastating. The mandatory seminars were deed to build upon each other with Plebes attending a course called "Can I Kiss You? Yearlings and Cows attended seminars on talking about relationships and sex, while Firsties attended a discussion on the ethics of being in a relationship.

During his "Can I Kiss You? He also challenged the cadets to be willing to stand-up and take action when they see someone being taken advantage of, such as an incident when a potential victim is being plied with drinks before a sexual encounter.

By the way, if we had called it what it is all through high school, we couldn't have denied how often it was happening. Monday morning after the weekend, people bragging about getting someone drunk to do something with them sexually, imagine if everyone had said, 'So, sexual assault.

Domitrz's advice to the cadets was that even though it is not what they have been taught or what they see in movies, relationships can always be awkward and that nothing is more intimate than asking before acting. Then, he said, you know the person is interested and willing to participate instead of just guessing they are.

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West point and dating

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