West garden nyc rub and tug

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Senior Editor, Opinion. And if your phone was one of the 70, different ones that called any of the 11 places, all of them knew about you—and now the government does, too. The places operated as a sort of fetish franchise, with owners sharing information on customers and warnings about cops.

In addition the list contained notes about the customers. A person with personal knowledge of many of the establishments and people named in the charges, and who asked to remain anonymous, praised the government papers for accurately describing the mechanics of the sex business, and elaborated on that list:. Plus brief notes. The guys who are married and the guys who are important, they get trick phones specifically for this.

These girls are here to work, and make money. As teaching piano. Along a stretch in Midtown, ground level is all sandwich shops, bank branches, hotel lobbies, and kitsch gift shops. Hot Lips, another massage parlor on the same block, which was named in the Southern Court indictment, could not be reached by phone or doorbell.

Still another massage parlor on West 45th St. To get to that one—which, the person with knowledge of the parlors said, was exceptional in that it also provides actual massages—you need to know where to find it. Located in a narrow, nondescript office building, the Manhattan Rainbow Spa posts no age or advertisements outside or in the lobby.

The building security guard operating the elevators quickly surmised that a Daily Beast reporter the one without the beard did not have an appointment upstairs. The reporter then called the spa from the lobby and heard voice on the other end. It was the only time any of the brothels had answered a call all day. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Kelly Weill Reporter. Harry Siegel Senior Editor, Opinion. Updated Apr.

West garden nyc rub and tug

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NYC Brothel Customer? The Feds Now Have Your