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The route is more or less a north-south route through central and southern Queensland, providing a link to cities and towns such as Rockhampton, Gltone and Mackay to New South Wales and the southern states. However judging by posting attempts at Goondiwindi, anything is possible. Passing through the Darling Downs, the rich black soils yeild grain and cotton crops. In , from hills near the present-day town of Warwick, explorer Allan Cunningham first sighted a gap in the Great Dividing Range, which led to the region being opened to development.

for former alignments in the Goondiwindi area. Looking northbound, Note that NH39 also goes via Boundary Road, which acts as a by-pass of town. Looking northbound, April April at Goondwindi. Rest Area age outside Goondiwindi showing rest area information. Looking north on the Leichardt Highway, October Typical Road Conditions Standard scenery and roadway just on the edge of Goondiwindi. Northbound, April Northbound, , near Goodniwindi.

Looking northbound, October Distance Distance detailing distances to various towns along the route. Note the kilometre plate attached to the right hand post, it says Millmerran is km, but the main says its km away. Looking northbound near the NR39 intersection, 20 km north of Goondiwindi, Traffic Controller Whilst stopped for roadworks near Goondiwindi, it was a moment of "why not?

We are stopped because the northbound lane was being resurfaced. School Zone at Kindon School zone more or less in the middle of nowhere for the Kindon State School, you don't see too many houses in this area, so it was a surprise to see a good sized school here. Typical Stretch near Kindon Heading north towards Toowoomba at Kindon, this is quite typical of a ificant part of the route, October Looking northbound at Kindon, October Road Trains Crossing As we approach Captains Mountain Roadhouse we are greeted by this , the roadhouse is located around the upcoming bend on top of a hill, northeasterly at Captains Mountain locality, October Captains Mountain Roadhouse Like an oasis, the green and gold BP are a welcome sight along many ro with miles and mile of not a lot, northeasterly at Captains Mountain locality, October Welcome to Millmerran The western approach to the very nice town of Millmerran, October Cambell Street Millmerran The main shopping precinct of Millmerran as we head north, Eastern Millmerran Heading away from the town edge of Millmerran, note the painted reservoir, October Distance Eastbound distance at Millmerran, October Trailblazer One of the niceties of travelling on a Queensland road - a reassurance trailblazer, Pampas October Unusual age for Brookstead turn off There were a few of these 'exit' s along the route, when in fact all it was alerting to was a standard at-grade intersection.

Perhaps they should say 'junction' instead, Brookstead October Unusual age for Pittsworth turn off There were a few of these 'exit' s along the route, when in fact all it was alerting to was a standard at-grade intersection. Perhaps they should say 'junction' instead, Pittsworth October Note the incorrect font on the road name placard, it should be in capitals, October Looking northbound Goondiwindi, Destination age These s are used in urban areas that are difficult to negotiate for through traffic.

Welcome One of the many Welcome To Queensland s dotting the border as you enter the state, denoting special tourist information areas. Northbound at Goondiwindi, April This is where NH39 loses it's National Highway status. April

Welcome to queensland sign

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