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What people like. Areas for improvement. Yes No. Indeed Featured review The most useful review selected by Indeed. Walmart is an equal opportunity employer, the staff is poorly trained and has a lot of turnover. If you find a good place and get a position that is right for you…then you can flourish at your job. I changed stores through promotion and it was a difficult transition, but do-able.

Very fast paced and the money is decent and getting better. Pros Benefits for both part time and full time employees, college tuition program. Cons Stressful work environment. Was this review helpful? Report Share. Thank you. It's has it ups and downs not much to tell it's a job with daily job adjustments with customers and management. It was better than I thought.

Management was good but the team le were bossy and not always nice. I had people who had been there for 10 years making a dollar over minimum wage and Management making a few dollars over. Its not good pay until you get super high up into salary pay.

Then I heard you have no life. My walmart was friendly staff except a few team le. High turnover rate. They worked with my schedule, and everything was consistent and made me feel welcomed. I think it really depends on the store, because I had a friend who worked at Prescott Valley and she said they were not willing to work with her schedule and were more strict and not as friendly. I didn't like having an hour lunch, because I just wanted to get home earlier and it was unpaid.

I heard that the benefits are good. I also think that it's fun to work with the public and meet all different types of people. I also liked being a cashier because its very busy and time flew by. They also are very good at giving breaks. They give you a break every 2 hours. I have worked jobs where they give ypu no breaks so I'm happy to see walmart actually gives breaks consistently.

Overall it's a good job for a person starting out, or a student. I think it would take a long time to make decent money at walmart and you will have to get pretty lucky as there's few high paying jobs and lots of employees fighting for the positions. Pros Consistent. Cons Low pay and low raises. Would you recommend working at your company? Help people considering your employer make a good choice. Walmart was ok to work for, co workers were sometimes jerks, but most of the time helped you out any ways. Just be sure to get comfortable shoes, you'll thank me later.

No stress job with flexible hours! While most people dread the idea of working at Walmart, it really isn't that bad. They treat there employees badly then never have a set schedule or times to request off there always on you for nothing and they try to make getting hours hard. Yes There are 1 helpful reviews 1 No. They say there open to new ideas and they say all this great stuff when your hired but they pick favorits over people that actualy know what there doing i wish they wouldnt have thrown aeay such a great worker.

Assisted customer with their money services or returns Learned how to perform money transfers To many favorites, not the same rules for all employees. Dealing with cranky customer is a hard part of job, but the lack of consistent management is a big part of a hard day. Wonderful co-workers and customers make it a great day.

Jobs at Walmart in Prescott, AZ. USA Staff Pharmacist. Retail Associates. I liked working there. Great family values. As long as you work they usually dont gripe about anything. It's really to bad that they too or going with self sufficiency. It's overall a good place to work at as a first time job.

The part I enjoy the most is the people I work with. Management and corporate are okay. They don't like to listen to doctors notes, so employees will have to remind them and be careful. The job itself isn't too bad it's not too draining but is very fast-paced and can be stressful. Pros Coworkers are amazing. Cons Often than not get in trouble for not doing the impossible.

I have been very successful at Walmart. I started as a cart pusher and been given opportunity to apply my education and continue to grow as an employee. I have loved working for Walmart except with this new S3G thing that's rolled out, but I think that should resolve itself in a few months. Out of all the chain pharmacies out there, I think Walmart has a very organized and efficient process for filling prescriptions and resolving issues. The only reason I am probably leaving Walmart is that I am relocating and it is very difficult to find another job at another Walmart right now, as they have recently cut a lot of hours for pharmacy staff company wide.

Also, the area I am relocating to doesn't have a Walmart nearby. Those are the only reasons why I'm leaving Walmart; it isn't convenient for where I'll be living, and it's really difficult to find a store that has an opening at this time. When I was sick they would stick me to do the refrigeration jobs and dairy jobs and meat dept. Those are all cold areas to work and when your sick being in the cold constantly drags your body down.

That's not healthy! Why couldn't they out me outside in fresh air so I can breath easier and get better health wise. Wal-Mart and their employees dont care about the under dog. They seem to like to beat them to the ground with hard manual labor. I stocked just about every dept there was. But did anybody come to me to say hey you'd be a great fit for this position.

It's a downer unless they change everything from the top corporate to the bottom making things better greater place to work and be productive! Pros Free fattening food like donuts and cupcakes all the time!

Never a relish tray. Cons Too long of a lunch hour poor managers and poor corporate power. Management at Walmart is poor. They do not care to much for the customers or their employees. They are willing to bend the rules of Walmart regulations to finish a project. I was able to advance as i was willing to.

I loved my coworkers. The only thing i can think of was managers needed more assistance in their multiple departments. Pros great home to work ratio. Cons hands.

Wal-mart prescott az

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