Utopia bangkok review

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One of its subjects, whose long hair, plaid shirts and pointy beard give him the aspect of a hippie philosopher, espouses what sound like variations of locavore and organic-farming ideas. But the reality Mr. Raksasad investigates is a harsh one, and after a year in the fields and forests which equals two hours in the theater his title takes on a different meaning. Raksasad is sparing in his recordings of human speech and as generous with other sounds as he is with colorful, widescreen compositions. The landscape changes from lush green to crackly and brown as the harvest approaches and the rice is packaged for sale.

The families, toiling for subsistence as well as cash, hunt grubs, snakes, rats and dogs. They also forage for mushrooms and search out beehives for honey. The children clamor for pocket electronic games and motorbikes, while their parents talk about saving for school tuition. Sometimes they talk about moving to Bangkok, but the men in particular resist the compromises that urban life would bring. The mood is not one of misery, but of quiet, weary endurance punctuated with moments of joy. The simple life turns out to be, in the modern world, an endlessly complicated matter.

Directed and edited by Uruphong Raksasad; director of photography, Mr. Raksasad; produced by Pimpaka Towira; released by Extra Virgin. In Thai, with English subtitles. Running time: 2 hours 2 minutes. This film is not rated.

Utopia bangkok review

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