Urine drug testing equipment

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Urine drug test cups are an accurate and popular method for the detection of drugs. Drug test cups from Confirm Biosciences are suitable for pre-employment screening, clinical use and more. A alternative to urine strip tests, these test cups work in a similar fashion - indicating the test result as a colored line on a panel - but the test are displayed on the cup itself for a quick and convenient all-in-one solution. We have a great selection of cups that also detect adulterants that may interfere with the panel reading.

A urine drug test cup requires the subject to provide a urine sample. This sample should generally be between 30 and ml, and each cup has a fill indicator which shows this range. Most of our drug test cups also have a temperature strip on the side of each cup. Once a sample has been obtained, the urine drug test cups can be activated. Panel should then be obtained in over five but no more than 10 minutes in order to ensure validity. The bar is easy to read for most and cups are available that test for adulteration. A test cup can have many different configurations, ranging from 5 to 16 configurations dependent on which substances are being tested for.

Each panel shows a different substance. Urine drug test kits are a quick way of detecting a of drugs. The following list shows all possible substances which can be detected, and some of the most common are also described below. The presence of Cannabis is detected by measuring the level of THC within a sample. THC will show on a drug test cup for up to 4 days for a new user and over 30 days for the most chronic users. Cannabis is legal in some parts of the United States, so we also offer tests that don't test for THC. The Confirm Biosciences drug test kit can show levels of opiates such as heroin, morphine, Oxycodone OXY, commonly marketed as Oxycontin and codeine.

Opiates such as OXY are drugs which are used as painkillers by medical professionals, however these may be abused recreationally as well. Opiates are shown as OP on the cup panel. Cocaine COC is a stimulant which is commonly detected using urine drug test cups provided by Confirm Biosciences.

The presence of COC will be shown in the urine for 3 - 5 days for a new user, and up to 14 days after last use for the heaviest users. Alcohol has a comparatively shorter detection time than other drugs, and similar to THC it can vary based on the user. A urine drug test cup can give a positive result if alcohol has been ingested within the last 48 hours. This is generally longer than a swab test, which can detect alcohol has been ingested within the last 24 hours, but not as long as a hair test - which can show alcohol consumption by a person for many months.

A urine drug test cup has an integrated panel on the outside of the cup, which shows the of the test. After a sample of appropriate volume has been obtained, the test panel begins to detect metabolites in the liquid.

Our products have an optional adulteration aspect that offers peace of mind to ensure that the products are not being tampered with. Each panel has a control region and a test region specific to the drug which is tested for. The control region indicates that a test cup result is viable, and the test panels indicate whether the metabolite of the drug in question is present.

The presence of two lines will for a negative test - one in the control region and one in the test region for each panel where the substance is present. An iCup is a popular brand of drug test cup manufactured by Abbott Laboratories formerly Alere. The iCup is deed for as an easy-to-use solution and also gives easy photocopying of the iCup for future reference. A urine drug test cup can detect the presence of a drug within minutes of a sample being provided, making for a convenient alternative to a lab test to detect drug abuse.

Although they are easy, home drug tests are of course not as accurate as a lab urine test - but this is not to say they are not reliable. If a non negative test is received, you can always opt into one of our lab confirmation plans, that will then send the sample into the lab for closer analysis. A cutoff level is an accurate way of measuring the presence of a drug within a given detection window. It prevents false positives with a degree of reliability, as the presence of any substance must exceed the cut of level in order to give a positive result.

This means that panel drug test kits do provide an accurate solution. If needed, a non negative result can be sent to the lab to request further drug testing and confirmation of drug abuse as mentioned ly. The primary psychoactive agent in Cannabis is THC, which can be detected by a 12 panel drug test. This means that the quantity of THC by urine drug test cups can depend on how frequently the person uses cannabis. Generally a first time user would probably test positive i. According to the American National Drug Court , frequent users can test positive after 7 days but it is unlikely that drug testing would show THC after 10 days.

Ultimately there is no hard-and-fast-rule, and on some occasions studies have shown that THC can be detected in chronic users even after 30 days. Our drug cups are used by customers in multiple industries, both within the United States and globally. Our customers include employers, rehabilitation clinics, staffing agencies, government agencies and other professionals who may need to request substance abuse tests.

Our test kit can also be an easy home drug test kit if needed. Please note that our tests are sold in cases of 25 units, but we do have our products available at retail outlets as well for one off requests. When you shop with Confirm Biosciences, you can be assured that all tests are sent promptly. During shipping it is paramount that our panel cups arrive. To find out more about shipping times and get a quote, contact our customer service team who will be happy to help!

The FDA is the United States Food and Drug Administration - the governing body responsible for protecting public health and ensuring the safety of drugs, biologics and medical devices. This is just a subsection of the broad responsibility of the FDA. Urinalysis is performed during a physical, however this is not necessarily for drug testing purposes. How your body removes waste toxins and waste is measured by examination of urine, which a doctor or clinician can use to detect other problems.

A routine physical exam can diagnose problems that may be present in the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder and even skin and the lungs. This is different from a panel drug test for drugs, which is more commonly used for pre-employment screening or by rehabilitation clinics. Remember that many factors may cause a false positive result in the home test. It is important to send any sample giving positive to the laboratory for further evaluation. Urine Drug Test Cup. For ease of use and minimal handling of urine samples, instant integrated urine drug test cups are a great alternative to other rapid urine drug test kits.

You can always send the samples in for lab confirmation to confirm the of non-negative readings. We carry products by the top manufacturers including the preferred DrugConfirm line. In stock, our products ship quickly. Urine Drug Test Dip Card. Saliva Drug Test. Most Popular Drug Tests. Top Collection Products. View Product. T-Cup Drug Test Cup. Equate Home Drug Test. Rite Aid Home Drug Test. Popular . View Category. EtG Testing. Lab Testing. How does a drug test cup work? What does the Confirm Biosciences 12 panel drug test detect?

Does a positive screen test mean that you have found drugs of abuse?

Urine drug testing equipment

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Urine Drug Tests