Upper and downer drugs

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There are a of different ways in which drugs can be referred to. This includes one of their street names, brand names, or generic names. Take Ritalin as an example. Ritalin is the brand name of the substance methylphenidate and may also be referred to as speed or an upper. Uppers and downers are actually slang names for groups of drugs that have very different effects. There are countless drugs in each group. One thing both uppers and downers have in common is that they can produce severe side effects, including addiction. Here is a quick look at these groups of drugs and what you should know about them.

A street, or slang term for stimulants and amphetamines, uppers are drugs that produce an increase in energy and an increase in alertness. Uppers are not just known for creating an energizing high, but also for being followed by a dip in energy and motivation as the substance wears off. In fact, individuals who come down off of uppers can experience ificant depression and loss of energy.

These substances can be addictive as users will continue to use them to maintain their high and prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Although prescription uppers such as Adderall and Ritalin have proven to be extremely helpful for individuals diagnosed with ADHD, they should always be taken with caution and prescription dosing should be followed carefully. Side effects when taking uppers may include nausea and irregular heartbeat. Examples of illicit uppers include cocaine and methamphetamine. Amps, beans, bennies, jelly beans, and speed are just a few of the nicknames for amphetamines, a type of upper.

You may hear someone refer to cocaine as coke, blow, yayo, snow, sniff, sneeze, or white. Downers is one of many street names, or slang terms, used to refer to depressants. Depressants are a group of drugs that produce a sedative effect. They do not make you depressed but instead induce a sense of relaxation. Calming the mind and body, depressants are often effective in treating conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and epilepsy. However, there can be serious side effects if too great of a dose is taken. These side effects include slowed breathing, reduced heart rate, a lack of consciousness, and potentially overdose.

Common examples of downers include alcohol, Xanax benzodiazepine , and Amytal barbiturate. You may hear benzodiazepines referred to as xannies, bars, z-bars, zanbars, handlebars. Additionally, barbituates are known on the streets as barbs, phennies, red birds, reds, tooies, yellow jackets, yellows. When it comes to cross drug use, mixing both uppers and downers is among the most dangerous combinations. One common example is using cocaine and alcohol at the same time. Alcohol has a relaxing sedative effect and cocaine has an energy-boosting effect.

Alcohol can help reduce inhibitions when partying and an occasional bump of cocaine help maintain alertness. However, this combination can have severe consequences. When taken together, the effects of these substances the amount needed to cause an overdose is ificantly less than if taken alone. Due to the risk of heart failure, mixing stimulants and depressants should be avoided at all times.

Uppers and downers have an addictive nature and addiction treatment may be the best option for an individual who is abusing them. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with uppers, downers, or poly-substance abuse, our team is here to help. Get treatment today from the trusted recovery programs at Level Up Lake Worth. Tiffany Tait is the Chief Operating Officer at Level Up Lake Worth in where Tiffany works closely with the facility, helping to ensuring that patients are comfortable and safe.

Tiffany has been working in the addiction treatment field for 14 years. She has helped countless addicts get through the detox process and begin their journey toward lifelong recovery. She is especially recognized for her experience in clinical program development, leadership development, and organizational restructuring. Tiffany is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and enjoys reading, being a mom and taking long naps on the beach. Contents What Are Uppers?

Nicknames for Stimulants What Are Downers? What Are Uppers? What Are Downers? August 21, . July 22, July 13, Looking for Immediate Help? Speak with an Addiction Advisor. Call the below. Get help now! Lauren coordinates therapeutic care, chart auditing, and ensures the safe and appropriate clinical treatment of our clients.

Lauren is responsible for developing and overseeing group schedules, coordination of aftercare, and discharge planning. In addition, Lauren also conducts daily staff meetings and provides weekly supervision for clinicians to help strengthen and hone their skills. Her primary role as Clinical Director is management of her clinical team, facilitating groups, as well as holding a small caseload of clients. Having worked in the treatment field since providing individual, group and family therapy, and having been with our company since , Lauren has a strong passion for helping those and the families of those suffering from addiction.

Sergio Witis Sergio is a Certified Addiction Counselor and group facilitator in charge of adding culture to the clients experience through, music, art, inner child work, and community. With 20 years of experience in the music industry, touring internationally in bands, running a record label, and producing, It is his passion and purpose to create a safe environment for others to express themselves in order to find happiness in their own lives.

Michael Borzillo Working hand in hand with and directing the medical, clinical, and behavioral tech departments, Michael le our West Palm facility with dedication, love, motivation, and patience. With over 12 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment, Michael has worked his way up and through every facet of treatment operation. Having an intimate knowledge of the industry from his humble beginnings as a behavioral health tech, supervisor, clinical liaison, and now to current role as Regional Operations Manager with Level Up Treatment , Michael takes pride in leading by example, and most importantly never forgetting where he came from.

Chris McCormick Christopher oversees all daily operations regarding patient care and facility management, as well as functions as department head for all Behavioral Health Technicians and the Step Integration team at Level Up Lake Worth. As a graduate of Kutztown University in PA holding a bachelor of science, Christopher has been working in the substance abuse field since , having started out as a BHT Behavioral Health Technician himself.

Thania Quesada, MD Dr. Currently, Dr. Quesada treated patients with substance abuse, eating disorders, and comorbidity. Quesada has also served as the medical director at Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options, which works with teens with mental health and substance abuse issues, all the while concentrating on family preservation.

Quesada dedicated herself to the treatment of adults and teens with mental health and substance abuse issues. Quesada was awarded the Gratitude for Giving Compassion Award from Sierra Tucson, given to the medical doctor that contributed the most to the wellness of clients. Quesada has a vast wealth of experience as well as the recognition from her colleagues in her field for her caring and compassionate service in the areas of substance abuse and mental health. Samantha has over 10 years of experience working in the fields of substance abuse and detoxification.

For the last 5 years, Samantha has worked in a Managerial or Directorial capacity, and has assisted with the opening of 3 different detox facilities. With over 2 years experience working in the substance abuse industry, Martin has worked as a Behavioral Health Technician, Alumni Coordinator, and Admissions Representative, qualifying him to understand the entire treatment process and the great difficulties a family and client can face during their journey in recovery.

Colin Brothers As Director of Alumni, Colin works to maintain a community of love and support for the people that go through our program at Level Up Treatment, and to have a safe place to turn to in the event of calamity in their lives. The concept of one alcoholic helping another is at the backbone of our core values for when people leave this facility. Respecting the difficulty through trial and error and personal experience, Colin understands that the only way to be able to lead others is to learn how to be led himself.

Colin believes that in order to stay the course, he must be that guide for others to harness the power in themselves to beat addiction. Within this responsibility, Matthew works closely with the Executive Director to achieve maximum productivity and meet monthly goals.

In addition, Matthew assists in patient transition from detoxification detox to residential treatment level of care by holding weekly groups at our Lake Worth facility and answering any questions patients may have. Before entering the substance abuse facility, Matthew put his life on the line to save others, now he dedicates his life to helping people save themselves. Breanne encourages families to participate in their own personal growth and recovery simultaneously with their loved ones, introduces families to step work, discusses with them various aspects of recovery and participatory workshops that benefit the whole family, and is there to answer any of the difficult questions the family might have, as well as providing loving, moral support.

Having worked in many roles in the treatment industry from behavioral health technician to case manager as well as being in recovery herself, Breanne fulfills her duties with experience, knowledge, and love. Gianni Fugazy Gianni Fugazy is the Director of Operations at Level Up in Margate where Gianni works closely with patients in the facility, helping to ensure they are comfortable and safe. Gianni has been working in the addiction treatment field for 4 years. He has helped countless addicts get through the detox process and begin their journey toward lifelong recovery.

Gianni is originally from Harrison, New York, and enjoys watching movies and going the gym in his free time.

Upper and downer drugs

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