Top ten nicest asses

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For a long time, starlets in Hollywood have spent endless hours at the gym and at the salad bar trying to maintain their ultra-svelte frames. They shrunk smaller and smaller until they appeared to be about two pounds from completely disappearing, something that many heralded as unhealthy. When they go to the gym now perhaps after adding a few of those iconic booty celebrating tracks to their workout playlist , many women are doing squats and lunges and deadlifts — anything to grow those glutes!

While many starlets still maintain a pin-thin, somewhat androgynous figure, more and more women in the entertainment industry have been embracing their natural curves — and the public loves them for it. Many credit Jennifer Lopez as being the first star to make big butts beautiful again. Sure, Kim Kardashian came around in the last little while and made girls wish for more curves, but Jennifer Lopez was doing that all the way back in the s. This is a woman whose curves are so substantial that many have speculated they might be fake! She has assured the public time and time again that her ass-sets are all natural, and she definitely knows how to show them off in pencil skirts and figure-hugging outfits.

When this blonde Aussie rapper walks by, you know everyone is craning their he to get a good view of her walking away. Azalea has helped pear shaped girls around the world accept and love their bodies thanks to her petite upper half and substantial curves down below. Azalea is redefining what it means to be a blonde bombshell in terms of physique and we love her for it. She steps out onto the stage in amazing, teeny outfits and showcases her ample curves for audiences around the world.

While the ultra-thin figure eventually came into vogue in the 60s thanks to supermodel Twiggy, the majority of clothing from that era absolutely begs for curves to fill them out — and Hendricks delivers, both on screen in her role of Joan Holloway and on the red carpet. The public watched her grow from a somewhat shy emerging pop singer to a confident, outspoken superstar, and her look has definitely evolved to take that new bad girl attitude into consideration.

Shakira is a master of movement, thanks to her years of belly dance training and choreography lessons as a pop star, and she knows how to work her curves like no one else in the industry. In fact, that was our only problem with her role as a judge on hit reality show The Voice — she was sitting down most of the time, denying the public of her assets!

You know you have enviable curves when people are focused on your rear in one of the biggest social events of the century. She just got a whole lot more attention than normal because it happened to be the Royal Wedding.

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Top ten nicest asses

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