Toddler cat and jack pants

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Are you tired of buying new jeans only to have your boys wear holes in the knees within a week? If so, take a peek at this simple money-saving tip that is the solution to your holey jean woes. One of my favorite things about having a blog is being able to share information that has made my life better with anyone who happens to find my little corner of the Internet.

My boys wear a lot of hand-me-down clothes. After all, who has time to worry about taking care of clothing when there are dragons to be vanquished, buried treasure to unearth, and playgrounds to explore? T-shirts and shorts usually survive these daring exploits, but any cloth that goes over their knees is doomed for a quick demise. But I hate wasting money.

By the time the quality guarantee runs out, my boys will have long grown out of whatever it was I bought them. Last week, after being worn almost daily all summer long, they broke. With nothing to lose, I headed to my local Target and asked the worker what she could do for me. However, after looking up the item and asking me to swipe the credit card I paid with, she was able to return the flip flops for the full price I paid four months ago! Even without a receipt. I was so impressed by their willingness to stand behind their product. They seem pretty sturdy, but if they fall victim to the hazards of childhood play, I know I can replace them for free.

My 5th grade daughter tells people Cat and Jack is her favorite clothing brand, lol! She does have some darling outfits and they typically wear pretty well too! Cat and Jack has been a good brand for my son. Good to know Target is taking their return policy seriously! I was glad to see it too.

Thankfully, my experience with Target was really good. One year guarantee?! How did I not know this!! I was just checking out some of their clothes at Target today for my toddler! Game changer! I know, right?! Glad to hear that! They definitely feel sturdier than the other brands I bought. Wow, that is unheard of! I myself just did the return of three tees that had come apart at the shoulder seam. They have a reinforced knee!

Hooray for people who actually understand what young kids need in a piece of clothing! Thanks for the tip! My daughter rips holes in her jeans and leggings constantly. The other week in four days she came home with three pairs of ripped pants from playing too rough! These are the target owned brands.. Thank you so much for this. I usually buy conment or gently used for my nephew. Receipt is in my wallet!!!! Fingers crossed, we will get thru the winter on the new and replacements. Thanks again!! They have made a loyal customer out of me because of it!

This is a great tip! My now 8 year old son has worn through his clothes and busted out the knees so quickly! I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to keep track of your purchases of target brands and their warranty expiration dates. I do want to make sure I can keep track somehow. Any advice would be helpful! However, you got me thinking about it, and I think I might start taking a sharpie and marking the inside of the waistband with the purchase date so that I KNOW for sure when I bought various items.

What do you think? As a guest service worker at target, I advise that you keep your receipt if not using a red card. Returns are much easier and you will be happier with your experience. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of new posts by . But first, some background… My boys wear a lot of hand-me-down clothes. Oh, the decisions! Hmm , I wondered. Could I actually still return these? Anyone know what other brands they carry that would fall into this category??? A receipt is recommended to ensure you get the price you paid.

My successful return With nothing to lose, I headed to my local Target and asked the worker what she could do for me. Share your experience! Comments My 5th grade daughter tells people Cat and Jack is her favorite clothing brand, lol! Thank you for sharing!!

We love Cat and Jack! Thanks for the info.

Toddler cat and jack pants

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