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Can not get any DAB stations. Constantly becomes unpaired with cube speaker. Contantly gets out of Sync with cube speaker causing a delay. Much easier to stream music from my iphone to two BT conected UE boom speakers. Better quality and works every time. The Tivoli Audio Model One radio comes with excellent packaging and was playing hi-fi music on both AM and FM channels in just a few minutes after receiving it. The high fidelity is outstanding even at the highest volume, and the volume is remarkable from this little retro box.

I love it! We have the model one digital, and it was a complete waste of money. Screen freezes constantly, Bluetooth connectivity is non existent my husband's iPhone 11 pro just simply won't connect , we can only access 3 DAB stations, the volume randomly goes up and down without us touching it. I have spent countless hours trying to get this radio to just turn on and play music, and it's incredibly frustrating! After filming myself trying to make it work and sending it to Tivoli, they're customer service couldn't help either. Complicated to use so For me it is just an expensive FM radio that makes a good doorstop.

Extremely complicated, we have never been able to pair it with wifi or Bluetooth. Radio worked for a year however even that has packed it in. Was really excited to buy this and it has been a miserable fail. After a week or so of operation I van report a nice fm source if used as a line source into a quality preamp and power amp. Yes, the sound into its internal speaker is not huge but pretty clear. It's worthy raising the unit about cm above the table top to free up the sound through the bass port hole underneath.

The radio was not a good AM performer internal ante Radio is now just static and all i get now is a VERY loud static buzz. Rang the lin but they just said bad luck. For the money spent it is a really poor product. Wish i read these reports before i bought - looks good sounds lousy! I was impressed with the sound quality initially but soon started having reception problems. Eventually all i got was crackle. The company was less than sympathetic and wanted a ridiculous amount to even look at it.

All the hype about this radio is crap. Expensive rubbish. What a disappointment. Almost impossible to tune into FM stations, it crackles violently with the slightest touch. And the much-vaunted room-filling sound? Well, it's not a tinny sound but nothing like the Bose radio which, admittedly is more than double the price. Tivoli should be ashamed of peddling a product that, other than its looks, is an abject failure. Very expensive radio considering I can't tune in stations and if I succeed it is very scratchy.

When using bluetooth, the speaker is very average. No support from the company. Expensive to buy and sounded great to start with. After about two years the tuning became touchy and eventually crackled whenever I tried to tune in a station. Now it sits on the shelf along with my collection of old transistor radios, none of which, incidentally, have a problem like the Tivoli Audio One. A very expensive display radio - not much else I can use it for.

Sounds good when its works, but you have to keep tuning it all the time. Very poor considering the price. Don't waste your money. From the superb timbers to the delightful tonal quality, our two Model Ones are delightful radios. With manual tuning, the delight of finding feint or non local stations is an ever present delight. The AUX in function means we can and do listen to digital radio and podcasts from our mobile phones without the waste of a proprietary connector.

Sound, appearance, build quality. We bought our Model 1 hoping that it would live up to al the reviews we had read. Unfortunately it is very fiddly to tune and our favourite station ABC Classic FM is almost impossible to tune and seems to be swamped by dozens of stations close to The yellow tuning LED seems to be on constantly whether the station is being received or not. However, when the station is successfully selected, the sound is wonderful ABC Classic FM seems to be tunable in many locations close to Wonderful sound Hopeless selectivity when tuning. We have just got and unpacked the Tivoli Model One.

Unfortunately this is not the case with Tivoli - we can barely pick up one AM station, whereas on our old radios we could pick all 5 of them and the best performer was, and still is, Sony Walkman radio. It looks like we need to spend some money on the external antenna. Look and probably the sound, if we can get it Reception using internal antenna.

Hi Jeremy, I assume that you get good AM reception where you have the radio situated. My model is the Tivoli model 1 but assuming that they have similar AM circuits I can make a few points. The AM reception is achieved on the model 1 at least by rotating the entire radio horizonally to obtain the strongest al. My best guess without looking inside the radio is that Tivoli uses ferrite rod 6 centimeters or so of ferrite rod with a fine wire coil wrapped around it as a space saving antenna not a very good antenna especially with weak als.

Try rotating the radio horizontally. The radio model 1 anyway allows you to plug in am AM antenna via a small plug on the rear of the chassis. This uses a 3. You would need a long single wire as long as convenient 5 meters situated as high as you can manage.

If you have a metal roof or metallic insulation above the ceiling this will not work. An outside antenna even longer wire up high might work well but not if you experience lightning storms. Check the switch position on the back of the chassis set to external not internal antenna. Best wishes David. The AM reception is somewhat "Poor" and I had a problem with the scratchy tuning control. AM reception is improved by rotating the radio but for a device that is deed as a "mantle" radio, this is probably won't work for a lot of people.

The external antenna is the only option but again, this radio is supposed to be a piece of furniture, and "hanging a wire" isn't the prettiest option. Opening up the radio is simple. There are four screws in the corners of the back panel the are in deep ish holes that hold the front panel and most of the radio electronics. The front easily removes. There are 2 screws in the back that hold on the back panel so if they are removed the electronics are easily released from the wooden sleeve type case.

The AM antenna is, interestingly, a long length of wire coiled around the supports for the front panel. This explains the direction nature of the AM reception. The wire is held on with rubber bands that naturally have perished.

A couple of small zip ties fixes that but "really"?? While I was inside the radio power cord out naturally I sprayed some electrical contact cleaner around the tuning section. This seems to help the tuning scratching but I'm not brave enough to lift the shielding can around the tuner section and really get into it. My M1 seems to have excellent FM tuning. I'm about 80Km from the transmitters but it is virtually line of sight so that help. General impressions of the inside of the radio is that it isn't any better than an average Japanese model in terms of construction.

The better sound is produced using a bass port see the bottom of the box and a stable construction method. I just bought a Tivoli Bluetooth radio model 1, everything is perfect, only one thing I suggest to Tivoli, the tuning is not great as other brands of analog radios, ABC news radio channel broadcasting in Bendigo, Australia, I tried to catch it on These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.

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Tivoli radio melbourne

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