Thousand islands cruise package

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It was created when the roots of an ancient mountain range flooded after the retreat of the last ice age. What better way to tour the Thousand Islands than with a cruise! Why should you take a Islands cruise? A cruise allows you to cover a lot more ground than you could by staying on land or hopping on a kayak. It also allows you to catch a glimpse of some of the more famous islands like Heart Island home to Boldt Castle as well as some of the private cottages which I guarantee will have you daydreaming about owning one yourself.

Lastly, the views are absolutely gorgeous so sit back, relax and listen to the commentary as you enjoy the scenery. My parents and I used to visit the area with my parents when I was much younger. Grab a spot along the edge of the deck as you take off onto the calm waters of the Saint Lawrence River.

It looks more like a little walkway than a bridge! I have to say, it was surprising to see just how many of the islands had cottages on them. I had no idea so many of the islands were privately owned. Located on Heart Island, this historic site is just as hauntingly beautiful as the story of its creation. Construction started in as George Boldt began building the castle as a gift to his beloved wife. Upon her death, Boldt could never return to Heart Island and chose to leave the unfinished castle as a monument to his love.

Why so cheap? The agreement was created so that all revenue would go towards restoring the castle and maintaining it for future generations. Are you ready to book your own cruise around the Thousand Islands? Gananoque is considered your entrance to the Thousand Islands region and is located about a 3 hour drive from Toronto along Highway By far the easiest way to get to the Thousand Islands area is by car.

As places of interest are spread out across the area, this will make it easy for you to get around and not have to worry about trying to find transportation. You can get flights to Kingston as well as flights to Gananoque. As you can imagine, there are a of Thousand Islands cruises you can take. To start, there are five cities that are home to Thousand Islands boat tours and each of these companies have multiple offerings.

They have seven different cruise offerings ranging from just under an hour long to six hours. These castle tours would be what I would do on my next trip to the Islands! They have sunset cruise offerings as well. Next is Gananoque which is home to the Gananoque Boat Line. These tour companies are very creative with their naming.

They offer six different cruises ranging from one to five hours. Gananoque Boat Line stands out from the others as it has a very unique tour offering — their Lost Ships of the Islands Cruise. Note that some of their cruises depart from Ivy Lea so be sure to double-check your departure city!

First is the Islands Cruises which leaves out of both Kingston and Brockville. They have two sightseeing cruises minute Discovery Cruise and a 3 hour Heart of the Islands Cruise and three dining cruises brunch, lunch and sunset dinner each 3 hours long. They also offer special event concert cruises throughout the summer. This can vary depending on the length of the tour, what company you go with and other amenities included within your tour.

As far as I know, Islands Cruises out of Kingston is the only tour company to offer a lunch cruise. Ah, the big question. However, I can share my conclusions based on my experience and research. It was easy to get to, the staff were nice and our guide onboard was full of information and happy to answer any questions the group had.

Are you a history buff that wants to know more about some of the important events along the Saint Lawrence River? Thinking of ending your day with a sunset dinner cruise? Based on my experience, here are a few of the things you should do in order to make sure your Islands boat tour goes off without a hitch. If you can manage to get there in the morning, I highly recommend you book the first tour if possible. During peak season, this is often around am and will help you dodge the crazy crowds that come with the bus tours.

Just the difference between my am departure compared to the crowds at am was mind-boggling. This will ensure your Islands cruise is as relaxing and enjoyable as can be. Planning to visit during peak season? If you go on a tour where you will be disembarking to visit Boldt or Singer Castle, you will need your passport.

One additional fee you need to look out for is parking. This might sway your decision to know that they make planning your trip a little easier. Lindsay… there are coupons for these things!? There sure is if you know where to look! I do encourage you to spend plenty of time exploring this beautiful area as the Islands make for a wonderful getaway in Ontario.

Do you like taking sightseeing cruises? Have you ever taken one around the Islands? And a little sad for George Boldt for this loss of his wife and not being able to visit Heart Island. Thanks for the great tips on the different cruises you can take! Oh, this looks wonderful! I would love to explore all those islands and castles! A sunset cruise sounds perfect to me. Thanks for sharing your tips. This was really good information on the area.

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Thousand islands cruise package

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