Things white people do book

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Look Inside. They love nothing better than sipping free-trade gourmet coffee, leafing through the Sunday New York Times , and listening to David Sedaris on NPR ideally all at the same time. Apple products, indie music, food co-ops, and vintage T-shirts make them weak in the knees. So kick back on your IKEA couch and lose yourself in the ultimate guide to the unbearable whiteness of being. The Criterion Collection of classic films? Haircuts with bangs?

Expensive fruit juice? The author knows who re The New Yorker and who wears plaid. Kickball, anyone? Hint: If you like only documentaries and think your child is gifted, you glow in the dark, buddy. He is a Ph. You have over 30 million hits, did you ever think it would be this popular? I started it with the hopes that maybe 10 of my friends would read it. I never expected it to be read by this many people. Are you racist against white people? Not outwardly. Why do you think some people perceive the blog as racist?

In most cases, they would be right. Is the blog really about race or is it more about money and social status? White people have done many spicy things — both good and bad. Do you consider yourself a comedian or a social critic?

Do I sound like a jerk for saying Comedian? Organic food. Any advice for people who want to be internet famous? Start earning points for buying books! Add to Bookshelf. Read An Excerpt. Category: Humor Category: Humor.

Jul 01, ISBN Add to Cart. Buy from Other Retailers:. Aug 06, ISBN Paperback —. Also by Christian Lander. See all books by Christian Lander. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Why We Suck. Whiter Shades of Pale. Christian Lander. Good Prose. Richard Todd and Tracy Kidder. Poking a Dead Frog. Wired for Story. Oh, the Things I Know! Mustache Shenanigans. Jay Chandrasekhar. Disquiet, Please! Diary of a Mad Diva. Lost at Sea. Radio Free Vermont. Bill McKibben. Sick in the Head. Steve Almond. Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin. Calvin Trillin. Dead Stars. Bruce Wagner. Writing Irresistible Kidlit.

I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me. Story Genius. The Jerusalem Syndrome. Failure Is an Option. Jon Benjamin. Drama High. Michael Sokolove. When Harry Met Sally. Ant Farm. Elements of Wit. Benjamin Errett. Prisoner of Trebekistan. Joshua Cohen. Writing New Adult Fiction. Deborah Halverson. Not Cool. Greg Gutfeld. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Re? Download Hi Res. Get the latest updates from Christian Lander. And go from well-read to best read with book recs, deals and more in your inbox every week.

Things white people do book

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