Things to buy in thailand cheap

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Not only is it possible to buy just about anything you want in Bangkok, prices are also incredibly cheap. If you plan on a trip to Bangkok in the near future, there are plenty of things you can buy, but what are the cheapest things to buy in Bangkok, and what are the best?

Flowers — Thailand is known as the place to buy orchids. Orchids from Thailand are shipped all over the world but, unlike outside the country, in Thailand they are incredibly cheap. Bangkok has some of the best places in the country to buy not only orchids but also many other flowers too. Tailor Made Clothes — Another cheap thing to buy in Bangkok is tailor made clothing. Just make sure you bargain before you agree on a price, and remember, the more pieces you buy the cheaper the charge will be per piece.

Same goes for CDs. Price per bowl? Less than 50 cents. Fresh Fruit — I hear people all the time complaining about the price of fresh fruit in the US. Fresh fruit in Thailand is cheap. In many areas of Bangkok, you can buy a bag of cut fruit from thousands of street stall vendors all over Bangkok for less than 50 cents.

That will get you half a pineapple, a couple of chopped up mango or papaya, or two dragon fruit — all cut into bite sized pieces, put in a plastic bag and served with a long cocktail stick so you can eat them as you walk. At thousands of street stalls in Bangkok you can buy an iced latte, a flavored coffee, or an Americano for less than 90 cents. Plus, if you want the full sit-down experience of a lovely coffee shop, avoid Starbucks and try one of the local independent Thai coffee shops.

Thai Silk — Thai silk is known as the best in the world and is also one of the cheapest things to buy in Bangkok. To buy gorgeous handmade Thai silk scarves, ties, skirts, dresses, shawls and much more, head to Chatuchak Weekend Market or, indeed, one of the many stalls that set up every night on Sukhumvit Road.

You can buy a silk tie for a dollar most weekends at Chatuchak market. Yes, really, a dollar. Bags and Shoes — I love bags and shoes so living in Bangkok, Thailand, is like heaven for me. Household Accessories — If you love household or home accessories that are cheap but gorgeous, then Bangkok is the place for you. Chatuchak Market is the place to go for the cheapest things to buy in Bangkok. Especially for household accessories, as there are hundreds of stalls selling them. Remember, you can bargain at all these places too! Ceramics and Pottery — Thailand is famous for ceramic and porcelain companies like Benjarong Bencharong and Celadon and, surprisingly, some of the things they sell really are the cheapest things to buy in Bangkok.

Benjarong Bencharong the five-color porcelain, is intricately styled and brightly colored, with old Benjarong highly prized by collectors. Also check out Thai Royal Porcelain shops — their porcelain styles are quite modern but they really do sell beautiful pottery.

These are ten of the most popular items though and, even though cheap in price, they are not cheap in quality. Just make sure, when you come to Bangkok, bring an empty suitcase. What are the 10 cheapest things to buy in Bangkok, Thailand?

Things to buy in thailand cheap

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Best Things To Buy In Thailand