There s something in the air tonight my legs

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Phil Collins has likened his legendary "In the Air Tonight" drum fill to the sound of "barking seals. Iconic musical hooks can come in many forms: a shredding guitar solo , a wordless chant , a sultry sax riff , or even a crafty bit of whistling. But even on its own, the figure is absurdly catchy and absolutely indelible. The Hangover marked the moment where the Fill broke through to another level of pop-cultural immortality. If anyone has ever seemed to derive more joy out of the Fill than Tyson, it just might be Questlove.

He sat more or less still behind his kit for more than three long minutes, only raising his sticks for a quick cymbal swell. When it came time for the Fill, he spiced it up with that inimitable Questlove cool, cascading down his toms with only one hand. The crowd let out a massive cheer, and the drummer flashed a quick, well-deserved grin. Not every instance of the Fill is so graceful. Like many viral animal videos, the clip is nonsensical yet somehow mesmerizing.

A more graceful take on the Fill came courtesy of TikTok user Frank of the frankandtracy , who stands in his kitchen with the track blasting and, in a series of fierce, almost karate-like movements, shuts cabinets and drawers in perfect sync with the Fill. Falk played the first half of the song, then looped the Fill, extending it across every single drum in the course, and finally sitting back down to play out the remainder of the tune. Not a bad way to prolong the awesomeness of the original. Another hyperextended version of the Fill came courtesy of Texas musician Joseph Prein, who looped the passage for a whopping 70 minutes, gradually distorting and overlapping it to create all sorts of mind-bending variations.

Go on YouTube and you can watch dozens of drummers tackle the Fill, from hotshots with huge kits to more humble entrants armed only with a virtual drum app. At his shows over the years, he turned the part into a brilliant bit of theater. Newswire Powered by.

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There s something in the air tonight my legs

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