The right relationship

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We know, we know—this sentiment was just roasted in the paragraph above. You may not know if your partner is The One to be with forever, to introduce to your mom, or to show your favorite secret dive bar. However, if you have any sort of doubt or nagging feeling about your relationship, chances are something is up. Your intuition can help you understand messages from your subconscious, and you should always listen to it.

In the excitement of new love, we can sometimes forget that the foundation of every great relationship is a friendship. If your idea of a cinematic experience is watching a Marvel movie in your bed, then hopefully your partner agrees! The more you have in common, the more time you can spend together doing things you both enjoy. In the right relationship, you and your partner can introduce each other to new foods, media, and activities and help each other grow.

So go ahead and go to your weekly brunch without your partner who hates being day drunk—more mimosas for you! And more importantly, it's some time to miss each other. If you find yourself spending time apart and not missing your S. Every couple fights. Healthy, even! But the way you fight could be a little less healthy. Does every fight turn into a screaming match, weeks of the cold shoulder, or a break-up-make-up cycle rotating faster than the wheels in a spinning class?

Though love languages may seem like a self-help style trend, there is a lot of truth to the idea that different people give and accept love in different ways. If you love getting gifts no shame in that! Families are complicated and deeply personal. Even if your relationships with your families are very different, you should be able to support each other. Communication is the cornerstone of any good relationship.

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The right relationship

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What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?