Thank you for being there when i needed you most

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We're continually blown away by the outpouring of support for our heroic NHS staff. Here are some of the messages we've received from our community of supporters, all voicing their heartfelt thanks to the staff of our hospitals for their extraordinary commitment during the COVID pandemic, and every day. Having your first child can be scary enough, let alone during a pandemic! The staff at King's have been incredible throughout, providing amazing care and working to ensure appointments are safe and me and my partner have both been informed.

A massive thank you to everyone across the five hospitals- Alex. I am so thankful for the excellent care that I have received during my stay. I had the first hand experience of the care, compassion you give to patients. Also everyone's smile. It makes such a difference in patient's healing and recovery. Everyone was reassurring, encouraging, patient and understanding despite being extremely busy. It is such a humbling expirience. Be proud becuase you are all absolutely the best! Thank you to the lovely staff who really took their time with me and to help me through a difficult 11 nights on Oliver ward.

Still healing but on the mend at home. Thanks for all your hard work and being there when you are needed thanks again to you all. Thank you to the NHS all the staff. You are the best in my heart and I will miss you everyday. All the best for you. I have received treatment at all of the locations in the Trust, at one time or another. To all of you who have made the effort to get into work each day, during this awful pandemic, thank you.

To all the nurses and staff in the Murray Falkoner ward. Thank you all for your wonderful care, kindness, and attention. Also a million thanks to the clever doctors and surgeons for sorting me out. The care you offer to those need in spite of the risks you face in doing is so hugely appreciated - we are so proud of the NHS and the service you give so selflessly.

You are all heroes! Really very good doctors and nurses. My partner goes to King's hospital as she is a dialysis patient. They look after everyone there considering the pressure they have been put under during the pandemic. A very good hospital. Great people. Thank you to the wonderful team at King's, they are super in every way. I felt like I had gone private it was so good. Thank you all. You have all done your very best to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

I would like to thank all the hospital staff. A big thank you for all your hard work and dedication to all patients. All of you take care and stay safe. Thank you never enough to all the staff at King's who cared for me. I will forever greatful to the Victoria and Albert ward and cardiac team, doctors, nurses porters, cleaners, everyone involved.

Once again thank you for your help- Abdul. Plus surgeons, doctors and all involved in my operation and after care. You are all brilliant and I appreciate everything you have done! Thank you Mr. Lindsay John for giving me a new lease of life, I am forever grateful.

Thank you for your dedication to all patients at all times It is very much appreciated. Thank you so much risking your lives to help others. I would like to just say thank you to everyone at King's. You guys made a very hard time that bit easier. You are life changers thank you.

Thank you to all staff in the hospital for your meritorious service I am so grateful for the selfless services rendered and prompt attention given when I was under health investigation. My life would not have been this without the NHS.

Keep on with the good work in saving others lives. This hospital looked after me and I love all the staff. They are so great becuse i have auto immune liver disease. Thank you to everyone in the Liver ICU. I want to thank all the King's staff, midwifes, doctors for being so nice and supportive within my pregnancy. I felt safe and my pregnancy and birth was great because of the support I had along the way. Massive thanks to you guys and gals, especially the Tavi Team at King's. Big shout out to you guys- you have given me my life back.

Eternally grateful The NHS rocks! I'd like to say a thank you to all the staff on Brunel ward that looked after me during my stay the care and attention the love the concern when I had problems and the speed and team work that they employed to tackle them. Love you all, The surgeons who fixed me right up keeping me well informed every step of the way, unrivalled the physios, dinner ladies and men, friendly porters, cleaners, thank you all.

Sending love always. Yours sincerely, Mr David Joseph. Thanks so much to the doctors and nurses who treated me so well when I had to stay overnight for three nights. I would like to say thank you to all the staff at KCH. Everyone, was so kind and caring, lots of support and very quick with scans, xrays and treatments. I am still recovering at home and very very thankful to all the dedicated, friendly staff at King's. Hello NHS staff!

I applaud you for the risks you are taking putting your lives at stake for our sake you are indeed front liners. Thanks- Yvonne. We would like to thank the real heroes of King's College Hospital. During my hospitalisation, because of my heart condition, with low self-esteem and a panicking situation, I came across these kind-hearted hospital staff who are really caring, supportive, and helpful.

They also boosted my confidence and they cleared all our doubts with bypass surgery. Every single one of the staff is always kind and polite and they came forward to look after the needy patients. One of the positive things was the staff are more friendly and easily accsesible over the phone to ensure the patient's family is aware of the patient's situation. Thank you so much for making me feel safe in your care.

I have visited the hospital many a time with my partner and I always found the staff very polite and respectful Doctors. Thank you to all the staff at King's for saving my son's life in when he went suddenly into Acute Liver Failure. You will all have a special place in our hearts forever. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for your sacrifices, dedication and hard work through such a terrible time in our lives.

We love and appreciate every single one of you for laying your lives on the line to care for us. I love and breathe King's College Hospital. I am based there, working for transport on a HDU Ambulance, I am an Emergency Care Assistant, and work with more high risk patients when transfers are needed.

For the past 3 years, King's has been my house and my second family. Working alongside with the staff at King's has been the drive of my life, great people going above and beyond on their duties. On the 9 of May I was rushed in emergency from St. Thomas to King's and I had a team waiting for me on the resus department and ready to do my assessment. A few hours later they delivered the most shocking news to me, "cancer", but the way they approached this sensitive issue was angelic, gracious and fulfilled of empathy, the staff made me feel so protected, cared for and above all respected.

There was no way I could expect more for the care I have received during the 3 days I was admitted from everyone. I was treated with so much dignity, respect and love at the hands of the staff in resus department and Annie Zunz Ward, they become like family to me, and I can't thank enough to all the effort they have put in looking after me.

Thank you for being there every step of the way towards recovery, for the gentle washes, making me feel human again, the help with the food when I couldn't manage, the patient explanations of all the treatments. I was in complete awe of you all. You do the hardest job in the world and you do it with the most compassionate smiles and unfailing humour. Words do not suffice but I hope this goes some way to showing my gratitude to you all. Amazing how do you do it? I was in A and E in May and with all this virus going around I was seen with a smile from the Doctors, Nurses and even cleaning staff.

I must say you are amazing. Please keep safe- Miguel.

Thank you for being there when i needed you most

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Thank You For Letting Me Down When I Needed You The Most