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Last Updated on March 30, Thailand is a country with an influential culture, and it is reflected in the way they name their newly born kids. It is traditional for them to give names with proper meanings. For them, the name of the baby ifies the religion and region to which the baby belongs. Interestingly, Thai babies have two names. One is the formal one, and the other is the nickname.

The nicknames are generally given based on the peculiar traits of the baby. Furthermore, naming the baby after a famous personality is considered a gift for the baby. We have compiled for you a list of 40 best Thailand girl names for you to consider. It is a cute name for your baby girl. A famous Thai actress is the name bearer. It is a Sanskrit word, and the name is common for a Thai girl. This Thai name comes from a Tamil word. This Thai name has a beautiful meaning to it.

This name will suit your baby girl. Her fragrant aura will continuously remind you of it. It is a unique sounding Thai name for a baby girl. It has an Indian origin. Your baby girl is no less than a princess for you. Here is a name that will make her proud of you as she grows up.

She will love this name as she grows up. Whenever you hold your little princess in your hand, what is the feeling that comes inside? Daughters always remain the most beautiful for the parents their entire life. Therefore, how about a name that means the same.

It is a Thai name for a baby girl that is currently trending. As parents, we always wish success and happiness for our baby girl. When you hold your little daughter in your hands, there is one feeling that always comes to your mind- happiness. This Thai name for a baby girl has several meanings. This name has a unique sound to it, and that is its appeal. Lotus flower is considered auspicious in the Thai culture and often used in religious ceremonies.

It is a Thai baby girl name that has multiple meanings. This was the best and unique Thai girl names list that you can refer to for finalizing a name for your baby girl. These names are a mix of modernity and traditional values which are of high importance in Thai culture. We have provided you with 40 beautiful names for you to choose which will draw massive admiration from friends and family. in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. FirstCry Parenting. Baby Baby Names. Grace Name Meaning and Origin. Oliver Name Meaning and Origin.

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Thai names girls

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