Temecula woman seeks a spiritual male friend

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The Training Center graduates have completed three years of grueling coursework, intensive training and vulnerable discipleship. They have graduated with the knowledge and skills to become godly leaders in their homes and in the body. Many are entrusted with overseeing various ministries at Faith Bible Church, and those and others may be called in the future to be church planters, missionaries, pastors or elders.

The rich camaraderie of our leadership and cohort was way beyond my expectations. It gave me an excellent handle on Scripture, clarity on doctrine and a clear vision as to my role in the Great Commission. TC forced me to work on aspects of my character that were hindering my role as a husband and father. I am not a professional pastor, but the training I received has helped in everything I do.

After a long time, I could experience how it feels to be shepherded and cared for. My heart was refreshed and strengthened for the work of the ministry again. Not just that, I was privileged to watch and learn in a unique way. I could see what it means, and what it looks like when men are being trained and prepared for the ministry. TC has shaped my views and philosophy of ministry like no other place. I am privileged to have been a part of it. The Training Center graduates have completed three years of grueling coursework, intensive training, and vulnerable discipleship.

Three years of iron sharpening iron, shaping the heart to Scripture, chiseling off the weight so we run with endurance and growing in the gifting which God has given. FBC Training Center does not make you into the man you want to be. It moves you toward God—molding you into the man He created you to be! I am beyond thankful for the impact of this program in my own ministry and my life.

Not only have I developed a stronger understanding of God and His Word, but I have also arrived at a much greater understanding of how God has gifted for the purpose of ministry and serving the church. Society Ministers at: Community Groups. Nathanael Howell Thesis: Extra! Ministers at: Community Groups. Ministers at: High School Ministry. There are five days of homework each week approximately minutes per day in preparation for watching the DVD together as a group. Spread throughout our valley are FBC families who love Sundays but know they're not enough.

You need more time in the Word. You want help applying the Bible to specific issues in your life. You miss having extended time to connect with people. You want more opportunities to encourage and serve other people. Community Groups are for you. Scattered through Murrieta, Temecula, and Menifee are Community Groups, where people gather for discipleship, fellowship, and outreach.

See the map to find one near you at a time that works. Those are the three main goals of each Community Group. Too often, discipleship ends when high school or college is over. As Jesus describes in Matthew , discipleship is a natural part of Christianity and life together. Occasionally, each Community Group also does a neighborhood outreach event to show Jesus' love and compassion to the people around them.

We gather together to pursue Christ together. Your lifestyle, speech, attitudes, parenting, marriage, words, and priorities are held up to the Word of God, as we seek to bring all those areas under obedience to what God says. It is intentional, life-on-life investment to move toward Christ-likeness. God wants you to know the content of this book. In fact, it is the only book in the Bible that begins with a promise of blessing to the reader in , and ends with a promise of blessing for those who read the book in The book of Revelation provides the most detailed look into the future in all of Scripture, unveiling the future history of the world, with the return of Christ and His glorious kingdom.

It is revelation from Christ to us regarding future things, and it is revelation about Him. John MacArthur calls the book of Revelation, the ultimate action thriller—it contains drama, suspense, mystery, and horror. But also hope and joy. It culminates with a happy ending, as sin and death are banished forever. We pray that you will consider ing us! Our desire is not only to acquire knowledge but for changed lives as we share life upon life in our effort to become more like Christ by applying the truths we are learning.

They have had an ice cream truck for a few years and our leadership thought that it was a great outreach tool. The ice cream truck allows us to tell people about our church and ultimately bring the Gospel to others. If you have an ice cream truck, a lot more are going to stop. Why we have an ice cream truck: We do lots of good works in the name of Christ, not to earn our salvation, but as a result of salvation.

The truck is just another thing we use to reach out to the people around us. Where can you find the ice cream truck: Our church is on the border of Murrieta and Temecula and we are there a lot. We also serve Menifee, as we have a church plant in Menifee. We will go to some schools and support some Christian clubs where we have FBC students on campus.

What kind of ice cream we have: We have ice cream bars and sandwiches, fruit bars, and kid friendly comic pops. We also carry ice cold water bottles for parents and others who may not want the calories of an ice cream. We have about 20 varieties and we try to keep all them all in stock.

So in our first two years of ministry we have given out about 12, ice cream and who knows how many water bottles. Why ice cream, why not some other food? Even people who are lactose intolerant want it, so we have dairy free fruit bars. Nobody listens for the pizza truck or the hot dog truck, but when they hear the ice cream truck coming, people lose their minds! Ice cream is like instant happiness. Our goal with the ice cream truck is that the Gospel would be proclaimed. The truck brings a new level of attention to our church and our ability to get into conversations with the unchurched.

We have had many people attend our church services after receiving ice cream and an invitation. We always teach biblical truth including the gospel at every service. The Word of God does not return void so we are confident that lives have been impacted one way or another. Our desire as a church is to take the gospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth. So starting with Jerusalem, we would like to eventually cover every neighborhood in our Valley with a stop by the Ice Cream Truck. There are three levels of involvement—each is vital to the success of this ministry:.

Level A: This level is for a man who would like to be available to help during an activity or event. This person cannot make a greater commitment but would like to be involved. We believe that God will bless and honor godly women who serve their homes, their church and their community, as they follow and submit to Jesus and His Word. We want FBC women to be known for extraordinary faithfulness in ordinary life. Build intentional relationships with women for the purposes of fellowship and personal ability Titus Identify spiritual gifts and talents in order to serve the church and community with the hope of the gospel 1 Timothy ; 1 Timothy Moms By Grace: Ministry to moms who have children of ages Monthly meetings provide instruction, mentoring, and fellowship.

Learn more about Moms By Grace. Click below to get more information about the individual studies we offer. Self-Confrontation offers a thorough, in-depth discipleship training resource that teaches you how to study the Scriptures for answers to lifes problems. Based solely on the Bible, this thorough and systematic manual has been used successfully in many different cultures and countries.

Temecula woman seeks a spiritual male friend

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