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Switched at Birth is an American television drama series centering on Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez, who at the age of 15 learn that they were switched at birth. The wealthy Kennish family must struggle with the fact that their biological daughter is deaf from having meningitis as and must accept the character of working-class, recovering alcoholic Regina Vasquez, Daphne's single "mother". Bay and Daphne attempt to find out how their lives would have been if they hadn't been switched.

The one-hour-long series premiered on June 6, Bay is often bratty, which tends to lead to most of the conflicts within the series, especially with her boyfriends and Daphne. She is shown to be a talented graffiti artist. In the pilot episode, Bay, upon learning that she does not share the same blood type as either of her parents, visits a geneticist with her parents.

It is then that they are informed that there was a mix up with two babies at the hospital, and that John and Kathryn are not her biological parents. The discovery of the switch le Bay to question her entire upbringing, resulting in her breaking up with her boyfriend, Liam and getting arrested for attempting to buy beer with a fake ID.

That got her punished by her parents. She becomes attracted to Ty, who is an old friend of Daphne, and briefly dates him in the first season before he leaves for the army. They continue their relationship in the second season when he returns. The relationship ends again when Ty pretends to have cheated on Bay then soon after leaves for the army again. Upon being caught sneaking around with Ty, her parents invite him around for dinner, during which, Ty accidentally lets slip that he has enlisted in the army.

On his last night in town, the two almost sleep together, but Bay refuses and departs in tears. Curious about her biological father, Bay sets out to search for him with help from Emmett. They are eventually reunited. She grows closer with her biological mother and father, even moving in with the two of them at one point. Bay is the first to find out that Angelo got another woman pregnant and now has another daughter as a result of a one-night stand. After Ty's departure, Bay begins a relationship with Daphne's deaf best friend, Emmett, after he assists her in her search for Angelo.

The two have a turbulent relationship due to their differences, but remain together, even after experiencing a of setbacks including Bay's past relationship with Ty, Emmett's disapproving mother and the language barrier between them. Toward the end of the first season, Bay breaks up with Emmett after she finds out at prom that he slept with Simone her old friend.

Following her break up with Emmett, Bay comes home from her summer trip with a new boyfriend. However, things do not last long between them after it becomes clear that Bay is still not over Emmett. Her feelings become more complicated when she sees a mural Emmett painted depicting their relationship, leading to her breaking it off with Alex.

After her initial break up with Emmett, Bay finds that she is immersing herself more and more in her street art, resulting in an unlikely friendship with a fellow artist by the name of Zarra. This friendship causes Bay to rebel against John and Kathryn to the point of her almost running away with Zarra to Mexico. She is stopped before leaving and brought home by Emmett and John. In the second season, Bay meets Noah, a fellow hearing student at Carlton. A short romance ensues, but Bay breaks up with Noah when she realizes that he has feelings for Daphne.

Ty returns in the second half of season two, resulting in their resuming their relationship. Bay expresses concern for Ty's mental well being following his time serving in Afghanistan. The two eventually reconnect, sleeping together for the first time. Bay lose her virginity to Ty. However, in the season two finale, Ty, about to be recalled to the army, lies to Bay about sleeping with someone else after she finds girl's underwear on his bedroom floor, in an effort to save her from further hurt.

In season three, Ty is shown to not be responding to any of Bay's efforts to contact him. However, when he finally does message her, Bay, determined to move on, deletes the message without responding. Bay eventually discovers Ty's lie, but remains adamant to move on with her life. In season , Daphne became rebellious and troublemaker and Bay became the good one and straight man. In the second-season finale, upon learning that Ty had cheated on her, Bay turns to Emmett for comfort and support.

In the third season, Emmett asks Bay's help on an astronomy project, where it is revealed that he is dating a new girl, Mandy, whom he met online. Despite responding to Bay's kiss, Emmett soon pulls away. He confesses to Bay that the reason they cannot be together is because she cannot let go of the past and forgive him for sleeping with Simone.

Bay, however, apologizes and promises not to bring it up again, leaving some hope for the future. In the third-season premiere, Bay starts her senior year and her first day at a new college art class. She makes a new friend named Tank. During a class asment in which they have to draw a partner, Bay, in search of Tank, finds herself going to a frat party.

In an effort to forget about Ty, she winds up heavily intoxicated. In her drunk state, she and Tank have a heart to heart regarding her broken heart and about why Ty cheated on her. Later on, Toby and Daphne pick up Bay from the party. After noticing the hockey sticks in the back seat, Toby informs Bay that she will be ing the Carlton field hockey team. Bay begins dating frat boy and college football player, Tank, in the episode 'The Scream', despite having only having thought of him as a friend in the past. After Mary-Beth reveals to Bay that Ty had lied to her about cheating, she begins to question her relationship with Tank.

Tank becomes even more irritated when he learns that Bay turned to Emmett for advice before consulting him. Things later take a turn for the worse when Bay accidentally reveals that Tank was the one who blew the whistle on a frat event, leading him to be blackballed from the fraternity.

Later in the season, Bay faces a of challenges. She injures her hand at a party and is later revealed to have snapped a tendon in her hand. This leaves her unable to paint or during her months of recovery. As a result, she is moody and takes it out on everyone in her family. In the spring finale, Bay researches online after having suspicions about Emmett's new girlfriend, Mandy. Despite her warnings, Emmett chooses to meet with her anyway.

Mandy is shown to be nothing more than a fake profile deed to set up by Matthew, a classmate wanting to get back at Emmett. Emmett is subsequently beaten up. Realizing this, Bay rushes to find Emmett. After a heartfelt conversation, Bay and Emmett finally admit that they still love each other before sharing a kiss and proceeding to sleep together, resulting in Bay cheating on Tank, and later breaking up with him to return to Emmett. Later, Bay experiences the loss of Angelo, her biological father and expresses regret that she did not spend more time with him. After Angelo's cause of death is discovered, it is feared that she may share the same biological trait that lead to Angelo's brain aneurysm.

Ending season 3, and starting season 4, Bay is on probation after taking the fall for Daphne when she vandalized her mom's Regina Vasquez worksite out of anger. Due to this, Bay and Emmett's plan to move to L. While Emmett leaves for L. Bay starts her community service. However, after giving a convicted criminal on probation a sandwich that had heroin in it, she is given another days and house arrest. During season 4, Bay and Tank get drunk at a dorm party and wake up in bed together, with Bay unable to remember many events of the evening.

This causes problems for her relationship with Emmett. Bay sees a guy walking with Travis walk past her at work and finds him attractive. She keeps her eye on him so she goes to their table and takes their order and they introduce each other. Garrett asks Bay if she was deaf, and she responds no but that her sister Daphne is deaf. Bay acknowledges that she knows how to really well. Bay asks Travis about Garret.

Bay meets Daphne after work to find a new outfit; Daphne asks for what. Bay tells her she met a guy and her plan is to ask him out with that top that she is going to wear. Daphne asks who he is because he is a few years older. When Daphne learns it's Garrett, she says that he is a player and Bay said she can roll with that. Bay tells Daphne its time for her to move on. She asks him on a date. Bay gets a call to have her own gallery, only to find out that Travis paid for everything and asked the people who actually own the gallery to pretend for her.

Travis admits that he loves her and kisses her outside the gallery. She ends up going to China with Daphne for the summer but months later she gets a call that brings her back home. Travis later follows her to China where they start dating. They live together in China for a year before moving back home. When they get home, Bay and Daphne move in together but Travis and Bay still date.

Bay becomes a tattoo artist. In the finale, Bay and Emmett remain friends but nothing more. Travis asks Bay to move to Japan with him where he got a job as a professional baseball player but she decides to stay home because she is just starting a new career but that she knows they will survive a long distance relationship and that she loves him. Daphne lost her hearing at a young age due to a bad case of meningitis. It is mentioned in the episode "Portrait of My Father" that Daphne's father abandoned her and Regina when she was little. It is later revealed that Angelo left upon learning that Daphne was not his biological daughter.

She was raised by Regina, a single mother, with help from Regina's mother Adriana. In the pilot episode, Daphne and her mother learn of the switch and move into the Kennishes' guest house after experiencing financial difficulty.

Switched at birth dating

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