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Viking - Professional 5 Series Quiet Cool Preserve your food with this inch Viking Professional 5 Series refrigerator. The This Viking Professional 5 Series refrigerator has a powerful compressor that chills food quickly and maintains steady internal temperatures to help extend your food's shelf life. Manufacturer: Viking.

Product Reviews:. I liked the Viking refrigerator. I heard about it from a friend and the des. We have a Viking fridge, range, dishwasher, hood and a refrigerator thats g. If you are considering a Viking appliance RUN away as fast as you can! We owned a Viking before in a prior home. We felt it was certainly well-bui. Im a furniture upholsterer, so I have a lot of friends that are decorators. I liked the look of the stove and the reputation that Viking Ranges had.

Since they will not service it even after being told that my wife is pregna. When I went into the store of the multi-product and multi-brand dealer, I h. I had a Viking stove for 30 years and I like the Viking company as a whole. Viking Refrigerators came in with the house that we bought. My ref is the d. We have four different Viking appliances and we love their line. We also lo. I bought my first Viking in with my inheritance from my grandmother. I needed a refrigerator to replace an old one and fit in my actual receptac.

The dealer had to order everything and it took several weeks but the instal. Our last range was a GE product and it had just failed, so we needed to rep. My dishwasher was recalled due to fire hazard. It stopped working. They wou. Viking dishwasher inferior product model FDW After a flood caused us to. I love to cook and Ive always loved and wanted a Viking range for many year. I went with a Viking Refrigerator and Ive loved every minute of it so far.

Im interested in cooking, so Ive known about Viking Ranges for years. Ive o. Less than a year ago, when we needed a new refrigerator, we were talked int. We bought a house that had Viking range and I like its efficiency.

The feat. The qualit. The house we purchased had a Viking Range and it was un-repairable accordin. We like that Vikings were brushed stainless. So, that fits with our current. I would like to hear from others who have had a Viking refrigerator door fa. My husband loves cooking on our Viking range. He likes its flexibility with. Bought a complete set of Viking products including an oven, dishwasher, ice. I bought the new house with a Viking range in it. Before I moved here, I li. We just moved, and we thought of buying a nice set of appliances when we re.

My friends have some Viking Ranges and Ive cooked in a restaurant that had. We were limited with space and size and since Vikings one of the ones that. Viking products are pretty low-tech and this microwave is just as intuitive. I like the Viking range and the open burner de. I do a lot of stovetop. The Viking Professional side-by-side refrigerator has operated for about 7. I love the Viking range.

I was looking for a larger range, and I liked the. In the past month and a half that Ive had the Viking range, the quality has. Well, in the event that a Viking representative would ever read these revie. I liked the looks of the Viking range and the sales rep was knowledgeable. I wanted to make sure everything matched for my wife and that my wife enjoy.

We love the range! I had a Dacor range before but my Viking now is better. Before we purchased a range from Viking Ranges, my husband knew about the p. I heard about Viking ranges through the grapevine and we like the features.

I have owned the Viking Professional gas range for about 16 years. When it. I went to the building in Manhattan. It has all the showcases and thats whe. We heard they last a long time. We purchased a complete Viking kitchen which included a range top, downdraf.

We purchased a home with a Viking range and dishwasher. We have lived here. Ive had one Viking Range for about 16 years prior to my new one. I had no p. I thought Viking products were exceptional. They are not. Our range is 15 y. We got the stove through Albert Lee Appliances. The most remarkable thing a. My husband is a cook and this is our last house. He wanted his kitchen like. Viking is a good higher end brand. Its not as expensive as some of the ultr. I purchased a Viking range, refrigerator and dishwasher in Since then. We wanted a commercial range.

We looked at Thermadors but we liked the way. We had a Viking stove and my husband said he wanted them all the same, so w. Everybody talks about how good of a stove the Viking is. I just fell in lov. I was unhappy with Viking Range. It wouldnt hold temperature and it was ser. D3 Range. Reliable, beautiful, and I love the long center burner. I put my. A Viking fridge was part of our home purchase. We were able to pick out the. I always wanted Viking appliances. I love to cook, so it is a brand that wa.

Sweet girl looking to be spoiledalso some Provo Utah

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