Suicide on dating show

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A popular reality television show is set to return next week despite the fact that it has been linked to multiple suicides. This disclaimer is meant to be an effort on the part of network bosses to quell the hate and harassment contestants have faced after skyrocketing to fame in the U. The show forces groups of single people to form couples while they are cooped up in a luxury apartment in Spain. Most contestants are eliminated as the show goes on.

Concerns have been raised about the mental health of the contestants in the wake of at least three people associated with the show killing themselves. Your information will not be shared with or sold to 3rd parties. The show is coming back despite the fact that the mothers of two former contestants who killed themselves have been urging the cast to drop out of the program. Deborah Gradon said her daughter was never the same after appearing on the reality show. Her body was found by her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong, who killed himself less than three weeks later.

Deborah has teamed up with Shirley Thalassitis, whose son Mike committed suicide at the age of 26 after appearing in the version of the program. Caroline Flack, who hosted the reality tv show from until , committed suicide herself the very next year. At the time, she was embroiled in a domestic violence case in which she was charged with assaulting her partner Lewis Burton. Flack became the target of internet trolls as well, and was found dead in an apparent suicide in February of The negativity surrounding this show and its fanbase is palpable. There is a detailed plan in place to support cast members before, during and after filming of Love Island.

They will each get financial management training, therapy sessions with registered professionals and information regarding both the positive and negative aspects appearing on the show can have. Even with the protocols in place, many are questioning how the show can go on with the of suicides that have occurred.

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Suicide on dating show

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Three ‘Love Island’ suicides raise concerns about reality show