Sugar daddy for under 18

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How to get a sugar daddy at 17? Love giving careers advice? our Forum Helper team! Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. Hi, I'm going to university in September and I need money to support me when I move out of my home.

I turn 18 in August which is a huge disadvantage because I really need to make money before then. Most websites only accept 18 years and over. How do I find a sugar daddy? Does anyone know any other easy alternatives to make money? Not what you're looking for? Report 3 years ago 2. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 3. Report 3 years ago 4. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 5. So Instinct Badges: Report 3 years ago 6. BTAnonymous Badges: Report 3 years ago 7. UWS Badges: Report 3 years ago 8. Casisalive Badges: Report 3 years ago 9. Report Thread starter 3 years ago Bang Outta Order Badges: Report 3 years ago Original post by jamal tyrone Why are you such a disgusting thot?

VidiaA Badges: Original post by justanotherchica i acc need help guys I desperately need to make money. Original post by Bang Outta Order that's not nice. Original post by jamal tyrone taking emotionally manipulating people for money isn't nice. Original post by justanotherchica it's not emotional manipulation it's a situation that benefits both parties, sugar daddies aren't stupid men that are being manipulated into this, they generally choose to adopt such a lifestyle.

Even if they do, it's obviously not healthy. Original post by Bang Outta Order desperate older dudes get off on a girl needing them but not wanting them. Weird really lol. Original post by jamal tyrone It's weird. It's not right. And if this is currently a popular thing to do, then I'm very concerned.

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Sugar daddy for under 18

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