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W ith our unparalleled location, M3 Studios has become the top choice for discerning television and film production professionals. Since our opening in , our name has become synonymous with top quality film studios and excellent customer service. Our customers have come to know that their productions are well served by M3 and we make every effort to keep them coming back for more.

When evaluating film studios Miami has to offer one thing is clear. With 7 film studios to choose from, ranging from green screen studios, cyclorama wall, four-corner cyc walls, to full open sound-proofed studios. M3 Studios has the right soundstage for all of your film production needs. Shop between the production studios to see which one fits your needs best. Each film production studio within the facility is equipped with its own support area. Giving you full use of dressing rooms, make-up rooms, talent green rooms, holding areas, and of course production offices to run your shoot.

Which is why we have become the go-to facility for production, there is no film studio Miami offers that has space or support area amenities we do. M3 Studios also has over 60, Sq. We can house long-term production company clients.

So w hether shooting on-site at our film studios Miami or on-location at the pristine Miami Beach areas, production staff have the ability to work out of our facilities. Our flexible office space also comes in various sizes and layouts to fit your needs. M3 Studios has many years of television and film production experience, co-producing productions of all sizes. Staying true to the vision of being a one-stop-shop, our relationships, tenants, and partners can assist in providing everything our clients need to produce music videos, commercials, infomercials, television shows, or films.

Numerous production companies have tapped our production services while filming in South Florida. With 7 sound stages of varying sizes, we have the most options available of any Miami film studios, you are in full control of your production area and cost.

For small production shoots, we have stages from 30 feet by 34 feet. If you have a bigger shoot no problem, our 82 x feet stage is huge. Need multiple stages at once. Yep, we can do that. Each studio stage has its own dedicated support area.

Giving your production access to green rooms, make-up rooms, dressing rooms, holding areas, kitchen, and production office rooms. Support areas are also segmented allowing multiple productions without interfering with each others shoots. Our facility is massive and with that large footprint comes ample parking.

We have four parking lots within the facility. Security systems oversee the whole facility and our gated on-site parking for over cars ensures that even big productions can run smoothly. Our size allows us to offer the most competitive rates of any film studios Miami has.

We understand production budgets, our longtime customers can attest to our willingness to work with productions of all sizes. No need to worry about renting office space while shooting here in Miami, M3 Studios offers all production staff the ability to work on-site utilizing the flex space built for all your needs. Wether you have short term office needs or your production company is opening an office in Miami. We have the space. Our experience working with the most professional and well-trained individuals while using a high-class suite of equipment allows us to provide full crew personnel for all stages and audio suites.

Our in-house wood chop and warehousing allows us to build and store numerous sets. Partnered with M3 Studios, Starline Limousine, offers transportation to and from location for all clientele needs. Vehicles are always on-site readily available to assist with accommodating talent travel pick-up and drop off. At M3 Studios we love cars, and our passion for automobiles has turned into a vintage collection encompassing some sought after vehicles. Our collection of vintage vehicles available for production shoot rentals. We also provide multi-platform deployment services for iphone, ipad, Samsung galaxy and other multimedia devices; with encoding in advanced formats such as HTML 5.

M3 Studios has an in-house photography studio for all our clients needs. A photographer can shoot with our large white four-corner CYC wall accommodating to any photoshoot size. With a freight elevator to match, props are welcomed and acceptable. M3 Studios has the facility, production partners and network of experienced directors to assist in creating impactful commercials while using a first-class suite of equipment and talent.

From large to small productions, M3 Studios can assist you in developing your commercial. We know our market, our vendors and have a large network. We can ensure a smooth production from start to finish. Filming a car crash, explosion or shoot out scene in Florida. Let our experts ensure a smooth and safe shoot day. Ensuring crew and talent have a safe working environment when dealing with high impact scenes. Our in-house producer has put together music videos for some of the biggest artist in the music industry. Able to work with various budget ranges and music genres.

In continuing our mantra of being a one-stop shop, we offer sound de through our partnership with our in-house tenant. From commercials, informercials, television and movies, we can produce the score to bring your scene to life. We can speed up the process of getting your production up and running in South Florida. Which is why numerous productions have called us when they want to close streets in Miami or even film at the Port of Miami.

Options: 7 Sound Stages. Clean: Support Areas. Secure: Ample Parking. Competitive: Rental Rates. Flexible: Office Space. Stay tuned with news, developments and specials for M3 Studios. February 13, The 54th annual super bowl was a nail-biting game and included performances that got you…. February 11, Making a comeback isn't always easy but Martin Lawerence and Will Smith made a major….

Music Videos are a Form of Art It's difficult to create these amazing music videos…. Tell us about your production project or film studio Miami facility needs. Privacy Accessibility CovidSafety-Plan.

Studio rental miami

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