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My heart was broken. Now I just want to have fun. The music steadily escalates to a crescendo at p. The disc jockey plays a string of international hits, the club floor lights dim, strobe lights pulsate and the spotlight focuses on Norah.

Norah, an exotic dancer, climbs the golden pole and whips her long weave around as she slides down it. She lands on the table and gyrates upside down, balancing on her head. The DJ fires up the music, and the drinks flow freely. The pole is never vacant. Every dancer dances to five songs. At the back of the club, a woman wearing a black blouse, blue form-fitting jeans and flat shoes supervises the club.

Sabrina, who usually tells people she works in business, says she and the other dancers declined to give their full names because of the stigma attached to stripping in Kenya. Sabrina used to be a Pango F3 dancer herself before she was promoted. She says she started out as a traditional dancer, but then became an exotic dancer because it felt more natural.

She says the dancers work six nights a week, with an aerobics session every evening from 4 p. No criterion is required to be an exotic dancer except passion, Sabrina says. But dancers are not allowed to be intoxicated.

Sabrina points out a new stripper who has trouble dancing. Unheard of just a few years ago, strip clubs are on the rise in Kenya. Some cite urbanization, Internet advertising and international pressure for their advent. Yet because it is a new phenomenon, there are no clear laws on stripping or strip clubs, which register as bars and are sometimes raided by police. Advocates have proposed creating red-light districts to curb illegal activities around strip clubs and granting strippers legal rights. Kibicho notes that stripping can range from up-close dancing to physical contact and sexual intercourse, but that this is rare in Kenyan strip clubs.

Male strip clubs do exist but are not as common as female strip clubs. Just seven years ago, strip clubs were unheard of in downtown Nairobi, says Dr. Chris Hart, a psychologist. Now, patrons and managers estimate there to be about 10 public strip clubs, like Pango F3, in Nairobi and 20 private clubs, which are houses that groups rent out per night for private events such as bachelor parties. Because strip clubs are so new, there are no official statistics. Not far from Pango F3 is a competing strip club, Liddos.

The strippers dance in turns on the pole to the pulsating music. Others give patrons lap dances, while still others dance in the aisles of the club throughout the night. At 11 p. Liddos does permit nudity, but only after midnight.

At exactly midnight, all the exotic dancers remove everything but their bikini tops. One patron, Jeff, an articulate and pristinely dressed young man who also declined to give his full name to protect his reputation, speaks highly of the club as he watches a well-endowed exotic dancer spin on the pole, electrifying the predominantly male crowd. Like Bhavesh, many clients say they find out about Kenyan strip clubs on the Internet. Some strip clubs, like Liddos, have a Facebook to update fans about new events. Mike Katana, Pango F3 manager, speaks of his famous clientele proudly. He says clubs like his strive to meet the demand from international visitors to provide services they could find in other parts of the world.

And we give them that. Hart says strip clubs have no shortage of dancers because they can earn a high income. Winnie, one of the exotic dancers at Pango F3, says she used to work as a waitress at a bar in Nairobi but quit after her manager started to make sexual advances toward her. Lap dances at Pango F3 are also more expensive compared with competing downtown Nairobi clubs. This is almost double the monthly per capita income in Kenya, and many live on much less with nearly half of Kenyans living in poverty, according to the World Bank. Lucy, 21, a former exotic dancer, says she used her tips to put herself and her brother through school and to take care of their mother, who did not know she stripped.

But she says life is not always glamorous for exotic dancers. You are here to please clients and get paid, so you fake a smile. Strip clubs, which are illegal in Kenya and, therefore, afford no legal rights to the dancers, are registered and d as bars. Police occasionally raid strip clubs, but in the absence of legislation, procedures are unregulated. Lucy recalls a raid in January at Barrels, another Nairobi strip club. Lucy says the police alleged that the club had not paid for its .

The police rounded up the patrons and the dancers and whisked them to the police station. The other exotic dancers were naked in the police van. The only clothed individuals were the patrons. At dawn, Lucy bailed herself out. But she says she left behind eight shivering colleagues who could not afford bail. Lucy left Barrels and started stripping at Liddos instead. Other strippers have alleged that police officers have forced them to have sex with them in exchange for freedom, but Eric Kiraithe, Kenya Police spokesman, dismissed these allegations.

Kiraithe says that more needs to be done to regulate stripping. He says the Kenyan Penal Code, which does not differentiate between strippers and prostitutes, makes prostitutes — and those who profit from or pay for prostitutes — guilty of misdemeanors. Evan Monari, a lawyer, says that no strip clubs existed to regulate back when the penal code was instituted. Kiraithe says stripping qualifies as an act of indecent exposure, which is also a misdemeanor and incurs the same fine as prostitution.

But still, he says a stripper-specific law should be made. Hart says regulation is needed because strip clubs can lead to other illegal activities. Monari says the Kenya Tourist Board should work with local authorities to create a red-light district, like other big cities have done around the world. Mwanyumba says that a red-light district will not only reduce crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking, but will also accord the strippers respect and dignity. By Rose Odengo Senior Reporter. Share on. But the constitution has no specific provisions for exotic dancers. Related Stories.

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Strip clubs nairobi

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