Stories of mail order brides

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People, buckle in. One commenter, Kehwa, says the fact her father is married to a mail-order bride makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable. Because this was a time before the internet, the Redditor explains her father found her mum in a magazine catalogue of Filipino women. They finally met and my mom moved to my dad's tiny hometown, got married, and they had two daughters together one being myself. And they both got that, plus it turns out they both have the travel bug. So now they're retired, living a nomadic life traveling the globe, and they got more than they ever hoped for.

Sugarbombs explained her friend from university married a much older wealthy man shortly after moving to the UK from Thailand. But it quickly became apparent to Sugarbombs that her friend's marriage wasn't only unorthodox, it was emotionally abusive. I had given her my phone and he forced her to delete it. She was absolutely terrified of getting pregnant. She was a prostitute," he explained. She hugs everyone and loudly proclaims how good it is to see us and is super enthusiastic about everything.

While her history might be slightly sketchy, this Redditor says he can't imagine his family without his cousin's partner. My great-grandmother saw the ad in Kentucky and said she'd do it. WinStark's grandmother was concealing a huge and I mean huge secret from her soon-to-be husband, though. I guess when she got here, the guy was "oh well, that's cool" and allowed her and the kids to stay. A man in the small town I grew up in got a mail order bride. She was filipina, and many in the town were racist towards her. She was only a couple of years older than us, but we got along really well.

We both became good friends of the family, and were so happy for them when their first child was born. Some people do go into these situations for genuine reasons, and I'm so happy those two beautiful people found love. I met my husband on e harmony, and I really don't see the difference. Leave a comment. Michelle Andrews. Listen Now. Meet Mireille Eligible. Starting Over The Split.

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Stories of mail order brides

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