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There are bathhouses and then there are Steamworks. When I first moved to Seattle, I was so excited to find out there was a Steamworks that was right downtown. I was a regular at the one in Chicago and then moved to a city that didn't have one and missed it nearly every day.

So when I ended up back in a city with a Steamworks, I pretty much jumped for joy. Steamworks bathhouses are the sexiest bathhouses. So what's so great about Steamworks? Well if you haven't been to one yet, you are truly missing out. And the Seattle location is one of the best. Steamworks has been around for over 40 years and they provide one of the best bathhouse experiences. From the amenities to the locations to the kinds of members they attract They are also super active in the community and aren't just there for the sexy times, so to speak.

They want the gay community to thrive and be healthy, so it's always a super easy choice to become a member at Steamworks. My very first visit to the Seattle location, I was welcomed warmly by the from desk clerk and immediately given a tour. Like their other locations, the Seattle one is clean, modern, and filled with everything you could want in a bathhouse, from showers to private rooms to crazy special events and everything in between.

Steamworks Seattle is super easy to get to. This means it's an ideal location if you are visiting the city as a tourist, but it's also super easy to get to if you are a local resident. The area itself is pretty safe so you don't have to worry about that either. When you first walk into the club you'll be greeted by someone at the check in counter. This is where you will get your membership, if you are a new member or guest, or check in as a regular.

There are also small lockers where you can store your valuables, like a wallet or phone. And if you've forgotten condoms or lube, this is where you can get them. Once you've entered the bathhouse, you'll be able to access the full locker room, where there are larger lockers for your clothes. This is also where there are toilets, showers, and sinks. The toilets also have douching stations so you can get extra clean if you want to. And the showers are both private and group, so depending on what kind of mood you are in you can shower accordingly.

After the cleaning area you can move on to find the rest of the club, which consists of lounge areas, private rooms, play rooms, and so much more. There's even a labyrinth maze that you can play in! You can rent these rooms by the hour for up to 12 hours. There are also public slings, bunk beds, and video lounges. For the entire calendar, be sure to check the website. Even with those two minor things, it's still pretty obvious that my love for the Seattle Steamworks bathhouse runs deep. And that is because pretty much anytime I visit I can end up balls deep in someone!

Basically everything about Steamworks is deep. Steamworks Seattle is the kind of bathhouse that you can easily see yourself visiting multiple times a week. That is how inviting it is And if you're considering visiting, the memberships are super reasonable. Along with the membership rates, the rentals are super reasonable too. All of the rentals last for 8 hours and can be extended if nobody else is waiting after you.

With prices like this there should be nothing keeping you from becoming a member at Steamworks bathhouse! So what are you waiting for? It's definitely time to hit up Steamworks. You'll thank me later. I've been a fan of Steamworks for years now and after having been a regular at the Chicago location and visited other locations, I can safely say that the Seattle location is the best in my opinion. So just what makes it so good? I think what it comes down to are the people. And by "people" I mean the staff and the members. Not that the other clubs haven't had great staff and members too but there is something about the Seattle location that makes it extra special.

I think the gay community in general there is just more special or something, I don't really know. All I can say for certain is that I've had some of my best sexual experiences at the Seattle Steamworks Bathhouse. And while the clubs may be a chain and somewhat similar on the inside, the special events they organize are always unique to each city. And the Seattle events are hands down some of the funnest and kinkiest sex events I've ever had the pleasure of going to I'd recommend trying to check them all out but my fave are the Anonymous Mondays.

This is an event where the lights go out at 4PM and there are also no names used so everything is fully anonymous. It makes for some really kinky encounters. I also appreciate how conscious of health and community Steamworks are. They partner with a local organization to provide regular weekly testing, outreach, and counselling. Do I have to say anything negative about Steamworks Seattle? I mean, I did rate it a five out of five!

I really do love it a lot and it's hard to come up with something that I feel is a fair criticism. However, I guess if I had to be really super picky I could come up with one or two areas that could be improved. So, like I said I've been to a few Steamworks but I consider the Seattle location my fave and that is mostly due to the people. Well, I do really love the facilities too, but I have to admit hat the facilities at the other locations are a big bitter.

I think this is because the Seattle location is one of the first and a bit smaller. The Seattle location only has showers for their wet areas while some other other locations have multiple steam rooms, large jacuzzis, and other fun areas. Nearly all of the other Steamworks have gyms as well, which is pretty nice. Because yes, sometimes you do want to work out when you're at the bathhouse.

After all, there's nothing sexier than working up a sweat! But like I said, even without the extra amenities I still think the Seattle location is my fave. Another thing that I wish the Seattle Steamworks or any of the other Steamworks had was some kind of restaurant or food area.

They do have a basic snack station but I'm talking about a full meal! I mean, if I'm spending all day at the bathhouse it would be nice to have some meals to keep me going. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Tweet. Read on for the full review and why I love the Steamworks bathhouse so much. Steamworks Seattle Bathhouse For one of the most established bathhouses in Seattle, look no further than Steamworks Bathhouse.

Read the EasySex. Pros I've been a fan of Steamworks for years now and after having been a regular at the Chicago location and visited other locations, I can safely say that the Seattle location is the best in my opinion. Cons Do I have to say anything negative about Steamworks Seattle? You may also like. for Free. Straight Woman Live Chat. Chat Live. Live Chat.

Steamworks chicago review

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Steamworks Chicago Bathhouse Review