Southold NY wife swapping

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Celebrating the completion of yet another memoir-writing class last June, the students and their teacher, Sara Bloom, gathered to enjoy a buffet and swap stories about why they chose the dishes they brought. The moment sparked the idea for a class project that was something different: a memoir-centered cookbook. Bloom, of Southold. Bloom, who has taught the memoir class for 11 years, is a former feature editor and special sections editor of The Scarsdale Inquirer — a weekly newspaper out of Westchester County.

The class spent the recent spring and fall class sessions deciding which recipes they would share and then writing, critiquing and rewriting their contributions to the cookbook. Williams said. Why are we doing recipes? Instead, however, he went with a more personal recipe that recalled times with his mother and children. Bloom explained that writing an effective memoir starts in the present with a trigger — something connected to one of the five senses — that evokes a memory that le to sharing that story.

You know, why is this important. In addition to contributing stories and recipes, members of the class created artwork for each section of the book. Seeing the finished project, which was bound and printed earlier this month at The Ink Spot in Southold, brought smiles and a sense of pride to everyone involved. Bloom originally ordered 35 copies of the cookbook, which is being sold only to class members, but high demand forced her to return to The Ink Spot for more.

Bloom said. This is the first time some members of the class, which is open to all ages but comprises mostly seniors, have seen their memoirs published. After seeing the finished cookbook, many expressed a desire to publish books of essays in the future. Others, like Mr. Reitman, have seen their names in print before. I published a book of my own stories last year, but [the cookbook] was the icing on the cake, or frosting on the pie, if you will.

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Southold NY wife swapping

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