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Look Inside! Sneak Peek! New issue. When your daughter s our Lower School, she gets the benefit of hundreds of big sisters to look up to and aspire to be. In Middle School, GA girls cultivate meaningful friendships, see their futures as boundless, and are inspired to make a positive impact in the world. Teachers believe in them, classmates cheer them on, learning and ambition know no bounds. GA strives to engage girls from a broad range of backgrounds and one third of students identify as people of color.

A small-school setting allows our outstanding faculty to give students the commitment and attention they need. A GA education begins and ends with relationships. Our innovative Career Resource Center connects students and alumnae to jobs and internships—more than in the last year. We are a community, with girls from all divisions leading, learning, and growing with each other. Greenwich Academy is a purposeful, joyful, and supportive community whose mission is reflected in our motto, Toward the Building of Character.

Every day we see faces of full of promise in the GA girls and our complete focus is in helping each one to reach her full potential. The GA experience is best captured by outstanding faculty members inspiring their students to learn, grow, and achieve so that they develop the skills and character to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are teaching our students for more than a final exam. Several years ago we started expedition classes, where we have students not only study a topic, whether it's biology or the Civil Rights Movement, but then go on trips that powerfully bring the course material to life.

Whether they're doing marine biology at Woods Hole or they're meeting people who were on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement, we want the girls to have an education that feels personal and alive and asks, "What's next? By the time the girls get to 8th grade, they will have developed their academic skills and a true love of learning, and they will have also learned how to ask great questions and advocate for themselves. Having these skills is incredibly empowering and sets them up to achieve their goals in high school and beyond. Schools boil down to the people and our Lower School faculty could not be more dedicated to the craft of teaching.

There's not one teacher that I have worked with here in the Lower School who has not changed some element of the curriculum to make it fresh, to make it exciting, and to make it something that the girls want to come to school for, and go home talking about. Our goal at GA is for every member of the faculty to be that teacher for some of our students. One of my goals is to bring together like-minded kids from across the area to work on these meaningful issues. Together we can accomplish so much more and GA is ready to take the lead on this important work. More than anything, I'm impressed that our students and alumnae have confidence in expressing their opinions and are able to articulate them in respectful, clear, and powerful ways.

By the time our girls graduate, they have an incredible sense of self at an age when I think many are struggling to figure out their place in the world. Our graduates are ready. They're hungry for what's next. Our goal is for every individual at Greenwich Academy to feel seen, respected, and loved for all of what makes them who they are. Our athletics program is a direct manifestation of our motto, Toward the Building of Character. I really enjoy supporting students as they find their passions, both in and out of the classroom, and discover the many opportunities GA provides to assist them in pursuing those interests.

Helping my students dive into material that is personally meaningful to them is incredibly rewarding, and their enthusiasm for engaging with this work makes teaching at GA an absolute joy. Our faculty will go to great lengths to support a student in the college process—the depth of care is astonishing to me. The stories they share and the strength of those long-standing relationships make it so much easier to do my job as a college counselor. Dance is even more than a form of artistic expression. Through dance, our students learn spatial awareness, different ways of communicating, teamwork, confidence, and how to overcome obstacles.

The expectation and the reality of our department is that everyone is generous with their ideas, time, and resources. There is an incredible degree of collaboration among the faculty and an eagerness to learn, grow, and become better educators. Yes, girls can code, even older girls can code. We can all do it because it's really just problem-solving and about looking at the world and at life in a creative way. My goal is to develop their skills, interest, and confidence in these fields. Maybe my favorite part of my work is the tangible impact. Every day, students leave my classroom having learned something they didn't know when they walked in.

And by the end of the year, they've acquired a whole new body of knowledge. That kind of transformation happens every year, but it's still unbelievable to see. I teach creative problem-solving. I tell them that the more questions they ask me about the prompt, the more they are limiting their possible solutions.

I try to keep kids in a kind of creative gray zone, that gets them collaborating with each other and thinking broadly. As advisors, we are the ultimate advocates for the girls our advisory. I am the adult who is there to know her as a student and as a person, to challenge her, to teach her to self-advocate, and to help clear a path when needed.

My advisory and I are a team and I know I play a crucial role in making her experience the best it can be. I love teaching the GA girls because they are game for any new adventure or idea. Their excitement is contagious and I can take any topic in any direction in response to their interest and enthusiasm. Recently, one of my classes was especially interested in how a microscope works. How cool is that? Someone recently asked me to pinpoint the hallmark of the fourth-grade year.

My response was that the entire year is a hallmark experience. We spend the year pulling together everything the girls have learned in the Lower School, and we increase our expectations of them in preparation for Middle School. And they are ready! Being the leaders of the Lower School is a big responsibility which they take seriously. As the junior class dean, I manage everything from field trips to walking the girls through the gateway of the college process. In the Upper School, advisors stays with their advisory for all four years allowing deep relationships to form between the advisor and the girls, and among the girls themselves.

Deans maintain their role in a particular grade and build up a nuanced knowledge of that year of the high school experience. For example, in junior year spring, the girls and their families begin the college process, they are taking AP exams, and they are running for school-wide offices. In Group VIII, I teach them about the skeletal system so they have an understanding of the key features of ts, bones, ligaments, tendons, and how all these components work together. Through this process the girls gain firsthand experience in the functionality of the human body.

They learn that individuals have unique body mechanics, and the girls have to find creative ways of adjusting and customizing their prosthetics. What has kept me here all these years is that my job is always changing and doesn't feel the same year to year.

I also have the pleasure of getting to watch the girls grow. Many of the seniors that I'm teaching in Madrigals, Gospel Choir, or in the musical, I have taught since they were in fifth grade. I really enjoy connecting with them again in Upper School. Very often I end up having a different relationship with them. It's really special, and not something that happens everywhere or for every teacher. My favorite part of the job is getting to know the kids. And as an English teacher, advisor, and coach, I get to know the girls in many different ways.

In class I see a more serious side of the girls, and I love watching them make connections between their own lives and the literature we are studying. I feel like sixth grade is my wheelhouse. By Group VI, teaching history is very much about teaching the girls to become analytical thinkers, and how to present their ideas both orally and in writing.

They kind of know what World War II is, but they don't really know, and they are so enthusiastic to learn. The change that happens in the Group I year is quite incredible. In first grade, we get little kindergarteners coming to us and in one year they become readers, their math gets better, and they become better writers because they have the foundation that CC has taught them.

They become so much more independent. That is one of our major focuses in Group I, to make the girls more independent. By the time they go to Group II, they're completely different kids. Being school president requires a lot of interpersonal skills and communication skills. This year, I am looking forward to standing up for others and sharing ideas that will keep our school inclusive, spirited, and memorable.

The teachers at GA really, really care about how you are doing and are always there to help you. They want you to succeed. Students here are unafraid to pursue an interest whether that means starting a club, running for a leadership position, or asking a teacher for guidance. This is an environment where students are supported and encouraged to follow their passions. Each grade in the Middle School gives you the skills you need to be ready for the following year. Going to robotics Worlds has been the absolute highlight of my middle school experience.

My mom is an alum and she sings the happy birthday song with me every year. I love that you can mention Charter Day to any alum and it would make them smile, it would be a happy memory. GA has inspired a love of learning in my daughters.

Single Girls in Cos Cob Fairfield CT

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