Silver sable german shepherds for sale

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Feb 11, Now, before I say anything else, I know that the 'silver sable' color can be kind of controversial. But alas, I have fallen in love with the color, and am looking for a reliable nonpuppy mill breeder to get a puppy from. The only places I have been able to find with silver sable puppies are kind of shady looking breeders that seem to have entirely too many dogs!

I'm not sure if that's because the color is becoming popular, so people are breeding for color, or what. So if anyone knows of any reliable breeders, please let me know. I'm located in central Maryland, but am willing to travel for a decent breeder. ed Jan 20, What else do you want in your GS? I'm not looking for any breeding or show quaility, just a companion for my family and my other GS.

Friendly, but protective. ed Mar 6, Thats what I want if I buy from a breeder. ed Aug 13, ed Jul 22, I agree, I find any breeder that specifically breeds for color to be shady. That's why you're not coming across anything reputable-seeming that has them. Color is usually one of the last things on a breeders mind, so when you find one that is trying to produce something oddball like that ONLY other things such as temperment and health usually go to the wayside. Either wait it out and try to find a breeder that has one once in a blood moon; scoure CL, petfinder, and reputable rescue sites; or move onto something else.

ed Dec 14, I agree to definitely avoid color breeders. As far as color goes, silver sable is just a sable with washed out tan pigment. Just as a "black and silver" or "black and cream" is just a black and tan with washed out pigment.

So if you look for a breeder who has sables, and also dogs with washed out pigment, you may find what you want. Since washed out pigment is considered undesireable though, it may be harder to come by. You aren't going to find this color of dog amongst German show lines.

Their pigment is exclusively reddish, and sables are almost unheard of. You may find it amongst working lines where rich colors are still preferred, but not really focused on so more washed out pigment does happen, and sables are very common. And you may find it amongst some American show lines as well. Sables aren't particularly common, but aren't rare either, and washed out pigment while still undesireable does exist in some of the lines. ed Mar 4, ed Feb 28, Liesje said:. ed Dec 4, This is who I bought my male silver sable GSD from. He is an awesome dog, he has medium drive, he has a straight top line and is a stock coat.

When I got him he only had 2 accidents in the house. He is eager to please me and very smart. You can see pics of him on my profile . ed Jul 27, LaRen said:. I also have a litter of the only deer litter I breed, my German Shiloh Shepherd puppies. My deer litter of German Shiloh Shepherd puppies will be ready for new homes mid December.

His mother is Tala, my silver sable Shiloh Shepherd. His father is Drago, my full working line, solid black, German import German Shepherd. Thanks Willy. Not to mention that the breeder has multiple litters on the ground at once. I dont see anything about her health testing the dogs, where are their OFA ? Why does the price change for each dog? ed Apr 2, Tanagal said:. ed Jun 18, I've stumbled onto [this breeder's] website a couple times before. Wasn't impressed at all and quite frankly her puppies look very BYB to me.

Last time I was on her site. It was clearly not a brindle. It just had what I call "bar-ing" blackening down its legs. ed Oct 9, I met someone at at agility trial recently with a silver sable they had purchased from Germelhaus, a very good working line breeder here in Texas. It is possible to get silver sables from good, ethical breeders. Please don't consider that breeder The website gives me a headache. No titles, no pedigrees, no health testing.. ed Mar 20, Before filling a BYB's pockets, do consider adoption. ed May 2, Light sables - often called 'silver sables' - are too easy to find - when breeding black and tans to sables, many pups end up light washy sable with pattern the discussion.

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Silver sable german shepherds for sale

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