Signs you re getting dumped

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If you need one sure that you are getting dumped, this is it. He actually tells you that he does not want to see you. People use this line in lieu of an actual breakup because they are trying to avoid a messy confrontation. If you start to notice any of these s coming from your ificant other, it might be time to evaluate your relationship.

Try to pinpoint any problems you know you two are having and identify potential solutions other than breaking up. Ask yourself how far you are willing to go to mend your relationship and consider how far your boyfriend is willing to go in return. Then find a time when the two of you can sit down and talk things over. Getting dumped is never easy, but most of us would rather be prepared than blind-sided. If you can read his s, you will be better equipped for dealing with getting dumped. Health Topics.

Health Tools. Emotional Health. By Ashleigh Frank. Reviewed: November 17, There is no handbook or guide to getting dumped, but there are some universal s that point toward an impending breakup. He Suddenly Gets Phone-Phobia When the two of you first started dating, you practically wore out your cell phone. You called each other first thing in the morning, right after work and before you went to bed at night not to mention the 5, quick little calls during the day just to check in. Constantly checking in with you may feel like a chore and serve as a reminder that his carefree, swinging bachelor days are over.

Then see if he calls. But a sexual hiatus lasting longer than a few weeks or months could be a of trouble. It could be that he is simply less interested in sex or it could be that he is less interested in sex with you. What if he only wants to indulge in role-playing fantasies, or he would rather look at the back of your head than look you in the eye? Your lovemaking should be about enjoying the connection you share, not just about fulfilling carnal needs.

If your sex life has been less than romantic lately, your man could be trying to pretend you are someone else. He starts to workout. He cuts his hair or throws out his ratty jeans in favor of clean chinos. A drastic change in appearance could be a al that your man is ready to turn over a new leaf in his dating life. Have you ever cut off or dyed your hair around the time of a big breakup? A sudden interest in personal grooming or physical fitness might mean he is trying to impress someone. Be especially wary if he makes these changes without discussing them with you. So, if your guy suddenly develops a taste for Thai food or secretly trades in all his rock CDs for some jazz albums, it could be that his mind is on someone else.

He Nitpicks He used to think it was cute when you left your unmentionables scattered around the house or ate cookies in bed. Now, if you so much as leave the light on in the bathroom. Everyone knows that, when you tire of someone, your patience with him or her wears thin.

You can do one of two things in this situation: Either let his comments slide or call him out on his rude behavior. If he acts like being around you is a chore, does he really deserve you anyway? Besides, the agony of over-analyzing and second-guessing yourself is probably far worse. The next time you are standing or sitting somewhere together, look to see if his toes are pointing toward you or away from you. If his toes are pointed away from you, however, his focus is somewhere else. Look for these other body language s as well. How does he hug you?

A close, intimate hug with full frontal contact shows comfort and affection. A half-hug, one shoulder hug or other type of pulling away could be a of trouble. If your man is uncomfortable around you or looking for distance in your relationship, his body will naturally try to distance itself from yours. And beware of the simultaneous hug and pat on the back. If someone pats you on the back while you are hugging, it is a clear of discomfort. Another tell-tale is lying with the eyes.

When a person lies, he tends to look up toward the left.

Signs you re getting dumped

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8 s You Are About To Get Dumped