Sexy girlfriend movies

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There are days when you and bae wanna just sit at home and Netflix and chill in your pj's and messy hair. We mean how many times do you want to binge on drinking sessions or ceremoniously be a part of each and every wedding you're invited to. Don't you just wish to be with her and do things only the two of you enjoy doing? One of them is definitely Netflix and 'chilling' and beyond the movie binge-watching, there is always some raw, hot and steamy sex that follows. We know you don't need constant reminders on how to turn each other on while you're spending some quality time together but there is no harm buffering a sexy movie to get you guys in the perfect mood.

So, we have our pick of ten movies for couples that'll make her panties drop in a minute and make your mojo swing like Tarzan, right after watching them. Ahem, you're welcome! This movie does have an interesting storyline but some believe it to be an excuse for 'soft porn'. The movie is based on a couple's sexual relationship, told through music hence 9 songs. If you weren't horny before pressing play, you definitely will be after watching this flim. Umm, remember critically acclaimed good cinematic experiences? Well, you can have that with a really explicit ten-minute sex scene in this movie.

A beautiful love story that you guys will probably want to sit through. The movie has lots of hot sex scenes between Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes and fulfils the famous 'sex with a mysterious hot stranger' fantasy. There is, of course, lots of mystery in the movie to go along with the sex. Worth a watch, if you're watching it for Heathers smashing hot bod. Back when 'Secretary' made its way in the halls, everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation completely fell in love with the movie and of course got massively turned on as well.

Together Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke break every sexual taboo there is through this movie. Remember the famous ice-cube scene? Watch this movie! A bit of an intense one but the sex scenes will drive you wild and you will love the chemistry between Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez. As the name suggests, the movie is about being unfaithful duh.

Remember Imraan Hashmi's 'Murder'? Yeah, direct rip off but this one got the sex scenes! Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson get down and dirty in this one and of course they will, as they're both are stuck in sexless marriages. Watch this for the legendary sex scene on the washing machine scene. Watch this movie just so you can act out the famous 'fingering whilst stuck in mid-air' scene with bae!

The movie gets a bit too dramatic and borderline creepy towards the end but that scene is worth the watch! This erotic thriller is right up your alley if you're looking something exciting to watch. Also watch it for the pool scene between Neve and Denise. We lost our mind over how hot Denise is. We're sure you will too. Another erotic thriller, if you're looking for some ahem, rush of blood to the head. This movie has everything, including the very hot Drew Barrymore who gives Sharon Stone a run for her money. So get hot, cosy and comfy with her this coming weekend and pull out the big guns, along with these movies from the interweb!

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Sexy girlfriend movies

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