Sex shops in thailand

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Is there a place in Pattaya where you can buy sex toys? And is it legal bringing sex toys into Thailand? I've brought them in, I've had customs check and find them without issue They are for sale in BKK, but what I've seen are not of good quality or such. Customs hardly ever scan the luggage, so i doubt you will have any problems bringing it it, however if they do xray or inspect your bag and sex toys are found be prepared to pay a nice fine of baht plus.

But since TIT Canterbury Tales Guesthouse I like to use sex toys with ladies but unfortunately they are illegal in Thailand and I would not like to be caught with one. Not only because it would be hugely embarrassing at the airport but the fine might be too. Well I use to bring some and last time my suitcase where scanned at arrival, 3 girls and a man at the scanner - just thought "shit" but nothing happend, maybe they had their laugh after but no fine.

I am going to bring with me a high quality " " for my neck pain. It's a nice curved Elise massager that does not look like "an erect buffalo cock" and I hope they don't hassle me about it in this state of lost tourism. I'm sure they would not want me to bring my saws-all with the 10 in.

But I sure would like to have my Elise with me if I meet the right girl ;. Understand that, but wonder what the fine would be. I think they are more worried about cig's and liquor then finding the occasional adult toy. Thai Customs like Thai is so hit and miss. The joys of Thailand and the maddening part is that you can sometimes get away with murder and other times they bust you for littering. I mean where else can you have 5 20 year old spinners in your room doing incredible things but then they want to bust you for crossing the street against a light.

Sand to a Beach? Have you ever had a couple of girls in bed playing with each other with sex toys? If not then let me tell you it is the best cialis in the world Ah shit the memories Thanks - better fill the suitcase with dildoes next time and sell at 2. Wow, Im really really wondering how Sex toys could possibly be Illegal in the flippin sex capital of the world???

Mind boggling Took a bunch with me last trip although some of them dont look like sex toys so they probably wouldn't even know what they were. One time i bring in to LOS from Germany. And only the German custom looks a little bit wondering,but lets going on. So bring it from your home country and i think you never will get some problem at the custom. Cheers and good luck.

I will also recommend that you bring in your own toys bought in your home country. This will asure that the used plastic is of a good quality and dont contain any Poison like lead and other dangerous chemicals. I have never had a problem bring toys with me some of the girls look a bit confused but once you get the Rabbit in the Hole it's all squeels.

Took a double ended dildo into the Lisa Bar last night, the girls were chasing each other round the bar with it. Did you manage to get your sex toys through customs??? How did you get on? House of Condom, second floor in in the Central Center BigC up in North Pattaya, has a few simple dildoes and massage rods among cock-pumps and rings, funny condoms and eatable underwear and massage oils and flavoured lubes! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy!

Already have an ? in here. Existing rules also apply. Share More sharing options Followers 1. Recommended Posts. Posted August 28, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options However some shops do sell it behind the counter. Thank God I'm an atheist. Daveo Posted August 28, Its a bit like taking sand to the beach is it not. Tao 66 Posted August 28, Taters Posted August 28, Posted August 28, edited.

Posted August 29, Expat46 Posted August 29, Yes, you can buy it in soi Buakao, sexy clothes shop, opposite Oasis AgoGo, and the other shops who sell similar sexy outfit sometimes have it too. Only standard dildo though, price B 3.

Posted September 1, LoveGun Posted September 1, Posted November 8, Posted November 9, Must be easy to smuggle butt plugs mustnt it? Only be able to do one at a time though Posted March 26, Posted March 27, Batmobil Posted March 27, Posted April 5, Welcome to the jungle. Posted April 6, Cheers Harry. Posted May 2, Adult Sex Toys. Posted May 3, When no money Register a new . in Already have an ? In Now. Go to topic listing. No registered users viewing this . In Up. I accept.

Sex shops in thailand

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