Sex partner in Singapore

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Find out what gets guys hot and bothered as 10 Singaporean men share with us their most unforgettable sexual encounters. One night, as we were having sex, she stared into my eyes, pulled my head closer to her and whispered 'I love you' in my ear. At that moment I melted inside.

I was filled with so much emotion that I wanted to merge and become one with her. I whispered that I loved her too. The sex that night was phenomenal because it meant so much more to us both. I was intrigued. She put on a sexy nurse's outfit and stockings that she'd recently purchased online and proceeded to give me a physical exam. At first it was funny and we couldn't stop laughing, but then as the session progressed we both started getting aroused and couldn't wait to get it on. The sex was amazing — really naughty, raunchy and wild.

Up until I met my current partner, the sex was just satisfactory, mainly because the women I was intimate with were afraid to be themselves in bed. They'd insist on doing it with the lights on or under the covers, and I'd be hard-pressed to get a moan or even a al from them that they were enjoying themselves. With my girlfriend, it's different. She always makes it known that she's having fun with me and she's totally uninhibited when it comes to the dirty talk. Her confidence in bed is so sexy and I believe it's what makes our sex life so great.

We were out clothes shopping and she had several outfits she wanted to try on. Every few minutes she would pop out of the fitting room to ask me what I thought of a particular piece, but eventually she got tired of doing that and just pulled me into the fitting room with her. Seeing her getting dressed and undressed was too much for me to take and I told her that I had to make love to her right there and then.

So we did! We tried to be as quiet as possible. It wasn't comfortable because the space was small and we had to do it standing up, but it certainly was fun. After I got dressed, I carefully snuck out of the fitting room and waited for her outside. They weren't that exciting but they worked for us. Then, one night, while she was on top of me, she suddenly moved into what's called the Reverse Cowgirl position.

She was still on top of me but she was facing my feet, and next thing I knew, she leaned forward so that I could get a better view of her butt. I couldn't stop smiling all night! Whether she was on top of me or I was on top of her, she seemed very much in tune with me, paying attention to how I moved, and gyrating her hips slowly or bucking them as quickly as she needed to. It felt like she was in total control of the sex and it drove me wild! Whenever she was on top of me, she would also lean back, resting her hands on my knees while she rotated her pelvis.

It was a visual treat. All I had to do was relax and enjoy her. Once we were settled in bed she lit a few candles, removed my clothes and gave me a full-body massage with scented oil. Next, she applied oil all over her body and then rubbed her body against mine. That in itself sent shockwaves through my system because it was so sensual. When I was sufficiently aroused she performed oral sex on me and then got on top of me.

The sex was sensational; I almost didn't want it to end. What an awesome birthday, and I didn't even have to do anything! So when my wife cheekily suggested that we make a short recording of ourselves having sex, I was like, 'Yes! After setting up the camera and adjusting the lighting, we got down to it, trying all kinds of positions and pretending that we were actors in an erotic movie.

The whole recording lasted only several minutes because we were laughing most of the time, but we enjoyed ourselves. We sometimes watch the recording together now to get ourselves in the mood. Behind closed doors, however, she loved to be dominated. Whenever we had sex, she would ask me to take over and ravage her body. She let me call all the shots, which made for exciting, passion-fuelled sex.

I loved that there were these two totally different characters to her. It was almost like I was going out with two women at once! But that's exactly how long my ex-girlfriend and I made love one night. We were on holiday together in Bali. We had a really luxurious room with fabulous ocean views and we could hear the waves crashing against the sand. It was quite surreal. We had sex but for some reason we didn't feel like it was enough and we just kept going.

We probably took three or four breaks, but otherwise we were up all night having crazy, passionate and romantic sex. For those six hours we were completely lost in each other. Out of all my sexual experiences, that's the only one I can recall in extensive detail. It was just that good. This article was first published in Her World Online. Are you looking for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom?

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Sex partner in Singapore

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