Sex master and slave

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It started at I discovered it basically sets me free in ways that can only be felt through experience. Sexual domination is only a small part of domination. There are many variations. Kink is an intimate experience: an exchange of power between people that can be physical, erotic, sexual, psychological, spiritual or some combination. People who practice kink explore the territory between pleasure and pain, eroticize the exchange of power, experience intense physical sensations and psychological scenarios, and test and push their limits. Is being a Master inherently sexual for you, or is it more about power dynamics?

The couple is increasingly blended into one being. UK, U. They are individuals having successful professional careers. It takes tremendous commitment to follow a path that at best is likely to be misunderstood by those around you. Europe is more free in this perspective than the U. My slaves see me as a Master who has enough life experience, knowledge and wisdom to serve as their mentor and teacher so they are obedient and respectful. How can you go into BDSM keeping emotions aside?

Those who do will never truly understand the gift that is offered when total submission, obedience and service is given. It seems like with this sort of arrangement, a lot of talk and honesty is necessary to set boundaries. Does that ever take the fun out of it? Violence and abuse are horrific and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Some BDSM activities bondage, slapping, verbal degradation , if they are taken out of their erotic context, may resemble violent acts, but they are not at all; they are consensual activities between adults who derive pleasure from them and who have the power to stop the activities at any time.

Consent is key. I met my Master four years ago in New York during my visit. We interacted socially and our interactions grew professionally. My Master has a gift of identifying personalities. He could sense I was missing something in my life; someone who can command me.

Later on, he introduced me into a world of submission and BDSM culture. Initially I was a bit afraid, but four years later, I thank the heavens for the day I met him. It takes my erotic paradigm to a whole new level.

I used to be an introvert and loner. Now I am much more secure, independent and confident knowing that I have security provided by my Master who will stand by me through any hardship. And I get confidence knowing that I am an elite part of a likeminded group where all my desires are fulfilled without social stigma or being judged. My Master introduced me to the FF female-on-female world.

I have now experienced how sensual a female touch can be and now I do my best to obey and keep him happy so I can get it again. Every morning, I drop my Master a text or image describing my activity for the day. After work, I am not allowed to contact him until bedtime. So my next interaction is asking him about his day as well as describing mine.

Every Saturday I have a FF session with my friends. My Master is teaching me new things almost every other day. So far nothing has been too much. That is the beauty of it. You want to fulfill his wishes to complete yourself. I do not have vanilla sex. My Master completes me in that regard as well. Being a slave is not about being weak. Through him, I can relieve it and heal myself. Trust and knowing that you are not living inside an endless loop of social stigma anymore, but are free to be who you want to be.

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Sex master and slave

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