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She woke up. She felt his weight pinning her to the back seat of the car. She felt his arm tight against her throat, squeezing. Felt her wrists in handcuffs behind her back. Duct tape stretched around her head, covering her nose and mouth. He spoke. He had done this before. When he finished, he would carry her body to the trunk of the car.

She cried. She bit her tongue, and it bled. Her tears and blood loosened the tape. She screamed. He used his phone for everything. To hunt women. To learn faster ways to kill. When a murder was complete, he asked his phone for directions home.

After most violent crimes, victims and their loved ones must wait, hoping police and prosecutors may someday bring the criminal to justice. As a teenager, she lived for a time at Wordsworth Academy, a treatment facility in West Philadelphia for young people with behavioral and mental health issues. It was a place with holes in the walls and exposed electrical wires — a place where news reports detailed how counselors regularly raped and beat their charges. In that dangerous place, West met Tracey Johnson. Typically silent, West opened up to Johnson, who was two years older.

West was such a good singer, occasionally she led the choir. Wordsworth is also where West met Breneisha Patterson, when both girls were just West lived most of her childhood with her mother, Anita Mason, in West Philadelphia. Occasionally she stayed with her father, Leroy West, a Philadelphia school district police officer and assistant church pastor who lives on the city's north side.

Very strong-willed," said West, If she made up her own mind to do something, she would do it. West and her mother fought often, according to an interview Mason granted in to the Philadelphia radio station WHYY. Mason declined to be interviewed for this story. West moved out of her mother's house when she was The people who loved West learned to use Facebook to track her moods. When West felt happy, she posted Facebook photos with her hair dyed blond or mint green.

When she felt low, she dyed it black. West was looking forward to Sept. It was to be her 20th birthday. She posted photos on Facebook of a sleeveless white dress, which she bought for the occasion. West's style helped her win clients at Cheeks Lounge, a now-closed club in West Philadelphia — one of several where she worked as an exotic dancer.

Her parents were churchgoing people. West and Patterson were also sex workers, often pairing up to keep each other safe. They placed on websites, meeting johns at hotels in Philadelphia. So at 11 p. West wore a red Nike hat, a lacy black shirt and black shorts. Her black sandals sparkled in the orange glow of streetlights. It was her first night walking the street. She saved it as a contact. Data from the driver's phone captured what happened next.

He drove to an abandoned house at Lakeside Ave. He spent an hour inside. He left at a. The killer drove west. He traveled a few miles on Interstate Then he backtracked. He passed his own home in Orange before returning to the fire. Five cities sent firefighters. The killer watched them attack the burning house. The following day, Patterson reported West missing. She gave the plate to Union Township police. The plate belonged to a silver BMW. The body discovered inside the burned house was so badly damaged, investigators used dental records to identify West.

The determination came two weeks after she went missing, on Sept. Joann Brown was born in Augusta, Maine. She had a sister and six brothers. Her childhood was hard. Brown developed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but she retained a lightness. Brown graduated from West Side High School. She enjoyed fashion and styling hair. Even when her mood suddenly turned dark she would recover, laughing and dancing with her friends. Brown used drugs. Brown looked for help. She moved into a building run by Project Live, a nonprofit group in Newark that offers housing, drug treatment and counseling.

In an environment that relied on rules and a regular schedule to counter the chaos of the streets, Brown struggled. Brown was Usually when she left with a client, Brown called Nobles to report her whereabouts and the time she expected to return. In her dangerous profession, the call provided a tenuous lifeline. On this afternoon, however, another friend in the group needed to make an urgent call.

As they drove, Brown asked to borrow the man's phone. She called Nobles at p. Cellphone towers recorded the phone's location to within a few meters. He knew the place well. Immediately before driving to Popeyes, he had spent 21 minutes inside, preparing for this moment.

He took Brown inside. He wrapped her head in duct tape, from her eyes down to her chin. He strangled her with a jacket. He left her body on the landing of the stairs. Two minutes later, he arrived home. Four minutes after that, he searched his phone for recent outgoing calls. He called the at the top of the list. Nobles called the back three or four times.

No one answered. Nobles reported her friend missing to Newark police. Seven weeks later, on Dec. The workers scouted the first floor, then walked upstairs. At the landing, the first man stopped. Orange is a small city, located just west of Newark and encompassing 2. Most kids who grow up here know each other by face, if not by name, by the time they reach middle school.

Sex dating Paterson

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