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Hi everyone: Ah Lao here got into a serious debate with my wife and I want your feedback and opinion. My wife's good friend's husband is obsessed with a Viet girl and now he wants to leave my wife's friend. They got one child. Despite pleading and trying to knock some "commonsense" into friend's husband, it appeared that he is too much in love with his Viet paramour. Ah Lao also tried to intervene but to no avail. My wife as well as her friend is convinced that he is under kongtao.

But me, the un-believer of such things just laughed and shrug it off. After all, I was ever the target of an act of kongtao: to cut long story short, I spotted a chee buy hair when I was "dating' this Thai girl when she is serving me her home cook meal which I later found out that its an act of kongtao. However, I can leave her and I am not obsessed about her! But this incident and some other which happen to my cheong brothers got me intrigued: 1 Which of these are most potent blackarts when it comes to kongtao and black arts: Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia? Does it even work?

Any stories, suggestion, feedback on this topic is very much appreciated. Kum siah Just a 2 cents sharing. I used to find foreign girls different from the locals in term of attitude towards SG guys. It because the Thai girls are so gentle and majority will always give in to the guys. Where there right now a girl who is so caring and concern is there for him. Most guys will fall straight to the trap.

So be it if it Gong tao, inflatuation or real love only times will tell eventually. Yup a young pussy can do lots of magic, plus a good service then it becomes magician. However, I think Indonesia is the champion. Afterall, David Copperfield is known to visit Indonesia to receive his "magic".

Is there any link? Yes, I also always thought that Thai is one I blur! Yup a young pussy can do lots of magic, plus a good service then it becomes magician ha ha ha Pai seh hor What link you asking about? For example Tourism, piak piak, good and cheap food and so on. However, Indonesia is the dark house. I mean any internet link about David Copperfield and Indo connection!! He once got engaged to supermodel Claudia Schiffer!

Might there be the KongTao supernatural at work here?? About Indon, maybe its because of the big unknown.. I used to date several brown manis Indo girls, I love it when they open their eyes big big Bring your Friend to let SHifu to see whether is gongtau or not, Geylang Lorong 11 got one temple does deal with this kind of cases. But must bring the husband in person along or only my wife's friend can already? Uncle, I can share with you two real life stories.

He can easily sets Kongtao on people for all bad doings. One fine day, his throat swelled until he could not talk. He immediately seeks help from his master. His master told him he can saved him only on one condition. He stop all his nonsense. The player then seeks for forgiveness, cured by his master, lead back the kind of life as a normal person.

Till date, we never hear from him anymore. Hope things are going on well for him. She dates men like changing panties. One fine day, she introduced him to us as her new boyfriend but not in a direct introduction between us with the guy. Things took a turned shortly. She no longer recognizes us, talked to us and she swears he was one of the best looking boyfriend she ever had.

Her mum act on the situation fast. Dragged her to see a master and the master mumbled something if I am not wrong before giving her, my colleague a superb tight slapped on her face. The next day when she came back, she smiled to us, talked to us and before we could all run for our lives, she explained to us what was told to her by her mum. She swears again he was the worst and the ugliest guy she had ever dated in history. Till today, we still have a good laugh over it. Very interesting Bro John about David Copperfield, there is a lot of talk about him being a real magician devil inspired rather than an illusionist.

World of the unseen, supernatural. My favourite subject. But sceptical swore they are nothing but hocus pocus stuff. Kong tao , voodoo, etc all have long dated back history whether u believe or not is up to indiviual. Unless you personally experience or encounter I would only assume all is heresay. Unless you are close to those that are like tang ki or mao shan shifu However there is another form of way without using kong tao that is by using gui kia aka ghody ghost child or xiao gui.

The keeper of such deity can usw them to do the dirty work Put it to good use and help others no misfortune will happen. If use to make money and create havoc misfortune will befallen on the person who cast the spell and the person who engage the caster. Geylang lor 11? Is the temple at a second floor? If yes then I think just the wife of the affected guy can go and ask first.

Just have his Chinese name can already if not wrong. Make sure the name is not written wrongly. May hv to go for several sessions. In the past used to be queue up at 5pm for the tags which will be given out at 7pm. Now I not sure.

Heard CP Changping oso got gongtao! Also there are beliefs that Ghosts and Spirits exist but almost all people did not encounter it, so that does not mean that it does not exist! Just my personal opinion and I strongly believed in what my Master told me as I have very strong faith in my beliefs! This topic is good. Personally, i do keep some in my inventory. Ready to use anytime but have to pay some price as exchange. One is sure hit incantations which is the price is it eat away the target mental. Other incantations is double edge sword, which is if use on target is the same i use it on myself.

Others are rare material believe to have power to make girl unconditionally love you. I did use them in the past. Now never. This thing will ask something return for their service. Unbeliever is the most easiest target. Some curse also known as the blood curse is basically using the women's used pad to put a curse on.

After which, this blood will be brought back to the men and let them drink it unknowingly. Indonesia one doesnt seem to work. As for vietnam, i never hear before. Another more Jalan curse is from cambodia. As a collector in this trade, i have no idea how to put a curse on someone but i do use my collections to help me one way or another. Most of the times it works which is why i still have some collections. She cried whenever she's at home. Nice story Happy Owl I kena the CP gongtao ly also Money no enough cured me of my habit not some kind of sifu with magical powers!

What is your experience? Got any close encounters of the creepy kind that make you think kangtao is in fact true and that it works? BTW, can kangtao work on two people who are in love? I thought gui kia only for wicked deeds but no power to influence emotions? Bro Hornylion, got any tales to share Usually has to be accompanied by birthdate right? Talking about birthdate, I am confuse whether to use ang mo Gregorian calendar date or Chinese Lunar date Bro wally, no more liow Want to destroy the city's economy is it????

Sex chatroom Ngai Hoa

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