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Chat rooms were the shit, once upon a time. Back in the day, when the internet was still in its infancy, it used to be the best way to stave off boredom. Plus, back before xxx cam sites ruled the land, video chat servers were the best way to find sexy, horny chicks online who might be willing to flash their tits for you if you were lucky. Or, at the very least, provide some halfway decent conversation and a pretty face.

Oh, how many hours I must have wasted in chat rooms as a hormonal thirteen-year-old. Back when that was a thing. And I was still too timid at 13 to try and seduce a girl into sending naked pics or anything like that. I did awkwardly stumble into some pretty hot cybering sessions, though. The way to go, it turned out, was to use a video chatting site called Omegle. I really wish someone would have told me that! I completely missed the boat of using Omegle in its prime, sadly.

Did you have to put up with running into a few dicks to find a sexy chick eventually? But either way, even in its peak, Omegle was still a gamble. Unfortunately, there was never any way to search or to change settings so that you would only be presented with chicks. It seems kind of dumb not to.

The risk. I suppose that could be exciting. Shocking, right? I thought for sure that they would be steamrolled into oblivion by the enormous outpouring of adult camming sites. But then again, Omegle is completely free.

And those fucking cam sites can drain your bank just as quickly as they drain your balls. So, I suppose I can see why there might still be a draw to Omegle. I wonder if there are any chicks who used to go onto Omegle at 18 or 19 and have fun with strangers that still go on now every once in a while, just to relive their glory days. It still has the same cheesy ass font and color combination blue and orange … who the fuck thought that would go well together? The background is a boring beige, and everything on the home is crammed into one little box in the center. Here, you will find, inexplicably, an American flag and an announcement that Omegle will work on your phone or tablet without an app.

There are also frequent warnings about how the video chat is monitored. Yeah, okay. But I do understand why they feel the need to include such a proclamation. Omegle has, over the years, developed quite the reputation as being a hotbed for pedophiles and sexual predators. Back in the day, parents were up in arms about this site as well as others like it.

But apparently creepy old men used Omegle to convince underage girls to show their tits or, worse, meet up with them in person. In my opinion, though, they should have just tracked down every pedophile by geolocating them and hired an assassin to swiftly and quietly put bullets in the backs of their he. Nobody would miss them. Fucking pieces of shit. And lo and behold, what do I see the minute I click into it? To Be Expected… You guessed it. A dick. And not just any dick either. It was a morbidly obese white man with rolls and rolls to spare, sitting awkwardly on a chair, and showing off his micropenis as if it was something to be proud of.

It was disgusting and the image will likely haunt me to my grave. Luckily, though, he clicked out of our chat before I could process the disgust of what I was seeing. Shit, I pity the one or two girls on Omegle that will become victim to that visual assault. As you would probably expect, the more I clicked through cam after cam after cam, the more dicks or shirtless dudes or sweaty fat guys in wife beaters that I saw. There was not a single woman to be found. Probability would seem to require it! But none that I saw. And I certainly was not trying to stick around longer than I had to.

Omegle also offers a text-only chat option, wherein the same randomized stranger element applies … only instead of seeing a barrage of tiny dicks, you just get text. And everyone I encountered on this section was female. Well, kind of. They were also all bots or girls trying to pimp out their premium snap chat s. No of any real live horny girls, as far as I could tell. Omegle claims that they will, then, pair you up with people who share the same interests.

But this also seems futile. All in all, though, Omegle often misspelled as "omegal", "omeagle", "omegele", "omgele" and "omegel" could still be a decent way to kill some time like it was back in the day. Open Omegle.

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Sex cam omegle

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