Seeking my personal Kansas City m f

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now. Log in now. Find a job that fits what you're looking for. A new job is posted on Care. Don't miss out! free to get started free to get started. When do you want a job? Filter by:. Clear all. Apply Apply.

Job Details. Any One-time Part-time Full-time. Create a free to access all filters! now now. Close Apply. Hiring near Kansas City:. Please be willing to do light housekeeping. Please have experience assisting with feeding. Additional responsibilities include meal preparation. We're looking for someone to provide companionship as well as skilled care. Single transport. Part of your responsibilities will include possibly running errands.

Duties include providing companionship and social interaction to keep the wife participating and involved in daily life. Preferences for a caregiver who is a non-smoker and comfortable with pets we have 2 small dogs and social engagements. Looking for a reliable, bright, and conscientious caregiver to help be an asset to our team. Help needed FAST! Seeking after school childcare assistance for two children.. Additional help as needed. Candidates must have reliable transportation.

Commitment to Mon - Fri, unless school schedule alters. We have 2 cats. My daughter Is 2 years old. She is the only child and she is very active! She loves to watch Coco-Melon and be outside. She also loves to play with her numerous amount of Toys lol. Shes very eager to learn new things. She can be shy at first , but once she gets use to you, I'm sure you will be her best friend.

We love family outings as well as family fun nights at home, But as parents we definitely need our alone time. Our ideal caregiver: My Ideal Caregiver would be Patient , responsible, caring , reliable, loving and respectful. Simple , treat my child as if she were your own. Additional needs include light housekeeping, having a reliable car, a non-smoker. We could use help with homework or curriculum assistance.

Flexible start date. My schedule may vary. We are a fun loving, energetic family looking for someone to care for our two children on a part time basis in Parkville. Our 3. Have a great day! Creative activities, which includes art projects, playing outside, swimming. Trustworthy, caring, fun and energetic No We have a 1yr old puppy we just rescued.

My husband and I are looking for a caregiver who can watch our baby for date nights, weekend getaways and also assisting the grandparents when they are in town. Our ideal caregiver: We have a 41 pound Labradoodle who is as sweet as can be. It is important that our caregiver is comfortable with dogs. Additional needs include having a reliable car, a non-smoker, being comfortable with pets.

I'm expecting! Hello, I would like to find someone to help me juggle the rigors of being a mom to a stinking cute kid and going to grad school full time. Class times will vary every 10 weeks joyous, I know but I would need assistance in the evenings to help pick up from daycare, take home, feed, bathe, read books, and put down for the night up to 3 nights per week specifically on days M-Tu-W.

My kiddo loves anything that involves vehicles, music, construction, learning languages, and being active. I'd like to get to know you because you'd be such a help to our little family unit. Whoever is still reading this posting, I hope you and yours are doing well and I look forward to communicating with you whenever you are ready! Thank you for your consideration. Seeking a full-time nanny hours per week , 5 days a week from approximately a. We may also wish to extend the term of the nanny position beyond this month period.

Seeking a nanny who will provide our son with nurturing, safe, and developmentally-appropriate care. It is important to us that our nanny be pet-friendly as our dog is also an important part of our family. We would also like someone who is willing to assist with Meal preparation in the evenings for the family a few times per week as able 3 or so times per week and secondary to the care of our child. We have an incredible toddler that naps 3 hours a day. He is an old soul and a gentleman. We are expecting a little girl in November, so we would like a Nanny we can feel comfortable will be able to multi-task and monitor a2-year-old and a newborn.

We follow Moms on Call and stick to a pretty strict schedule that keeps our house operating smoothly. Our ideal caregiver: Looking for someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Would love someone who is engaging with our toddler. Additional needs include light housekeeping, being comfortable with pets, having a reliable car, a non-smoker. Looking for care Mondays 8am-4pm , Tuesdays 8am-4pm , Wednesdays 8am-4pm , Thursdays 8am-4pm , Fridays 8am-4pm.

Our 3-year-old likes to push his limits. Needs to be kept entertained or if left to play on his own just make sure you can see him. He likes to get into things that are not his. Little miss 2 is also stubborn and will tell you when her brother is being mean, meaning you WILL hear her. Haha she likes to play and be tickled.

She loves her dresses, but then wants to play outside. She's just like I was as a kid. Our ideal caregiver: Patient and stern, but not mean. Must be able to hold their ground. These 2 will get into everything if unsupervised for more than 5 minutes.

Seeking my personal Kansas City m f

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