Sea mountain inn stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The sights that greeted the four of us as we entered the doorway of Sea Mountain shortly after noon that early September Saturday were libidinous, lascivious, and more than a little disconcerting.

Ted and I had been trying to get our wives to try swinging for over four years, but we had always met with well-orchestrated rejection. Neither Sandy nor my wife Eileen even showed any interest in sharing our spouses, either with each other, casual friends, or absolute strangers. We have for years hot-tubbed together naked, teased and flirted with one another, and occasionally engaged in foreplay in the presence of one another, but the women were adamant that nothing else would ever occur. Ted and I stripped of our clothes as we watched a middle-aged couple parked in a 69 just two lounges over from the shady, sandy area we had chosen as our base of operations for the day.

We couldn't believe our good fortune and wondered why our wives had changed their minds, but when we heard the giggling that accompanied the dropping of trou, we remembered at least part of the reason. Our private parts were as free of hair as a newborn's, and our wives took delight in seeing our pale penises displayed in front of the other couples present. All Ted and I could do was shrug and make the best of it; we had agreed to it, after all. Sandy and Eileen had told us they had heard about Sea Mountain from a female friend they wouldn't say who who swore the place was not only a turn on, but also pressure free.

People could just go and hang out, watch to their heart's content, or partake in the activities, all without feeling forced to do anything beyond what was desired. The ladies said they would go with us, but only if they were in complete control for the entire time we were there. They emphasized complete and entire to us, and made us swear to follow their rules, or they would never agree to try swinging. What could we say?

Ted and I jumped at the deal. Of course, we half-jokingly said "complete control" could not mean that could make us do something painful, illegal, or, most importantly, homosexual acts. Our wives acted disappointed, teasing us with how much they wanted to "see you two giving some blow jobs", but they agreed to our limitations despite their disappointment. Of course, we didn't realize that included our genitals being shaved just before we were supposed to leave, but by that time we were so excited we would have agreed to anything.

Our wives shaved us, they said, to remind us to be "good little boys", and to let the people at the resort know just who was in charge in our relationships. As our wives cheerfully removed all of the hair in the pubic area, laughing and making snide remarks the whole time, Ted and I looked at each other and wondered whether or not our wives were perhaps having way too much fun.

It didn't matter that we were shaved to anyone at the resort. The people there were used to kinkiness, and indeed expected it. In fact, once we all went to the pool, our shaved dicks worked to our advantage. A slightly overweight blond asked if she could blow us! She had asked her husband to shave and since he always refused, she told Eileen and Sandy that she'd love to try sucking ours. Less than an hour after we arrived, Ted and I were sitting at the pool's edge with a younger female bouncing back and forth between our two hard, hairless cocks while the woman's husband was talking to our wives not two yards away from us while standing in 3 feet of water!

I can tell you, we were thanking our wives at that point of the day! The woman told our wives how great it was to deep throat us oh yeah! She occasionally tried to pressure her husband by saying she would give him a lot more blowjobs if he would shave as well, but he remained non-committal. The only down side was that Sandy told the woman not to let us come.

The four of us would find out later just how accurate our blowjob queen would be. As the delightful but incomplete blowjobs finished, we noticed two new women standing in the group, including our wives, watching our pool initiation. Both women were obviously not newcomers as they laughed and talked comfortably with the group, but what really caught our eyes as they were introduced to our wives was how attractive they both were. Both looked to be in their late 30's, and were two of the sexiest women at the resort. The resort does allow single women to attend, but not single men.

One was the only African American person in view, with a long-legged look that made her look like a track star. Her face was a little rough, but her high natural breasts, shelf-like ass, and legs that could wrap around you twice made the poor skin on her face hardly noticeable.

Her comrade was quite pale, shorter, and much more voluptuous. Her breasts had to be 36D's, just made for titty-fucking, and her ass looked like twin pillows. Her face was cute rather than beautiful, and I'm sure she probably thought of herself as overweight, but to a guy, it looked like she was made for fucking. Ted and I looked at each other, thinking this was starting off like a hell of a day, and was only going to get better. And it did, for a while. Tamara and Lashay the black woman quickly seemed to focus on us, much to our delight.

After about five minutes of conversation, Tamara asked, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, "You guys into voyeurism? They pulled us both down on the circular bed, and invited us to tell them a little about ourselves. They wanted to know what we were into, how we liked the place so far are you fucking kidding me! As interesting as the conversation was however, I wanted to know what kind of show we were going to see, and most importantly, we're we going to be part of it. It took over 20 minutes of talking to find out. I had no idea there was so much small talk required in swinging.

It turned out both the women were bisexual and liked to make love to one another in front of an audience of appreciative men. They made it clear that we could touch them all we wanted during the display, but we were not to jerk off or try to make love to them. Lashay informed us "Your wives already told us that you're both one-shot wonders, so we don't want to ruin things for later. Christ, our wives were sure giving us a rep in a short time!

Considering the offer of two sexy ladies doing a black on white lesbian scene for our benefit, we didn't quibble about the limitations. Ted and I agreed to whatever they said. We spent the next half an hour watching one of the sexiest shows I had ever seen.

Other people wandered through and watched some of the action, and one young Asian couple did a slow standing fuck for about 8 minutes while they enjoyed the floorshow, but we were the only ones who saw the entire act of lovemaking, and we were the only ones who were allowed to stroke their breasts, asses, legs, and hair as they entwined together.

Seeing Lashay go down on Tamara while we caressed both of her breasts was eventually replaced by the two of them flowing into a 69, leaving their asses right in front of our faces. Watching them kiss and nuzzle each other, the contrast of their skins so stark, was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life, and when Tamara finger-fucked hell, almost fist-fucked Lashay to a final orgasm while we suckled at her throbbing breasts, I felt I was about wrung out.

Though I had not come, the constant hard-on I was wearing was probably draining all the blood from the rest of my body, and I'm sure Ted felt the same way. We left the sexy sirens for a while with a kiss of gratitude, and went to look for our wives. They were not at the beach where our gear was at, nor were they at the pool. After waiting about 15 minutes to see if they were in the bathroom or something, we returned to pool where we found a small crowd sitting around Lashay and Tamara. This didn't surprise us, and we headed over to see what kind of naughtiness they were involved in.

When we got close, Tamara called over "You fellas missing anything? Through the window I, and everyone else, could plainly see my wife and Eileen being soundly fucked on the bed by two strapping African-American men. Sandy was astride her partner, sliding slowly and sensually up and down his large, thick dick. Her ass, which was facing the crowd, rotated rhythmically with every motion, creating the impression that she was doing an erotic dance on his pole. Eileen lay beside her on her back while her partner pumped roughly away between her legs. Even through the closed window her screams could be heard each time her lover drove deeply into her.

Ted and I were mesmerized watching our wives getting fucked; I'm sure we had both fantasized about the possibility, but the reality was something else! Lashay pulled me down on the lounge beside her. Well, that's my man Jerome your wife is introducing to her pussy, and Tamara's husband Cecil is showing Teddy's wife what a real fucking is like. They swear there's no pussy tighter, hungrier, and less used up than one belonging to a wife of a white guy!

Looks like they're taking to dark dick like a couple of veterans. You sure they haven't been getting some action on the side? Their ladies have probably been getting satisfied somewhere else for years! You know the hubby's are the last two know. As the ladies teased us, the fucking inside the room continued, much to the enjoyment of the half dozen other people watching from outside. Sandy was now riding Jerome with a vengeance, while it was clear that Cecil was in the process of coming inside Eileen, who was screaming something about "pumping". Jerome grabbed my wife's ass shortly afterwards, clamping her to him as he thrust upward.

Sandy collapsed on top of him as his orgasm ripped through her, apparently causing one of her own. A few people actually applauded, and a couple of them offered us congratulations. Of course, they may have been sarcastic. I mean, how can you take, "Congratulations, your wives will never be the same again. I started to stand up to go to the door, thinking along the lines of enjoying some of my first sloppy seconds with Sandy, but Lashay pulled me back down. He kissed her for a few minutes, and then pushed her head down between his legs. My wife's black hair hid much of the tricks she was using, but in just a few minutes she had him hard again.

Ted's wife was working the same magic on Jerome. Damn, I couldn't believe it, but 15 minutes after they had come, the two men were both ready to get back to fucking our wives! As I watched Sandy and Eileen each getting fucked by their second man of the day, Lashay began to play with my half-hard cock. She asked one of the ladies watching us to pass her some lotion, which the woman did, commenting, "You need a hand with that? Instantly, I became fully hard, and as I watched Sandy being drilled by her lover, the thought of being jerked-off while I enjoyed the view seemed perfect. Tamara was doing the same with Ted, so we both were enjoying the sight of our wives being well fucked by their black lovers while their wives tossed our dicks.

What could be better? Unfortunately, the pleasure was interrupted. Tamara said to Lashay, "I think they should finish up on their own, don't you? Let's see what kind of jerk-offs these guys really are! At first, Ted and I just sat there, waiting to see if it were some type of joke. But with the small group chanting "Beat your meat, beat your meat! Time to get kinky, I guess. I started stroking my own cock while Ted did the same with his.

I had to admit it felt good, and the idea of having an audience felt kind of exciting. The best part, however, was seeing Sandy's face as she was being fucked. The ecstasy was plain to see, and I don't remember ever seeing her look more beautiful. It was clear that she was reaching an orgasm, and I wondered how many times she had climaxed already. I felt my own climax building within a few minutes, and in less than five minutes after taking myself in hand, I came all over my stomach, much to the delight and applause of the assembled spectators.

Ted spurted a couple minutes later, to another hardy round of applause. Some of the people wandered off for other delights, but several continued to watch as our wives were being royally serviced. About ten minutes later, both men ejaculated for the second time in our wives, after which the four performers turned toward the window and waved!

I couldn't believe how shameless Sandy looked! She had just fucked other men in front of several strangers, and not only didn't she look guilty, she looked positively radiant, in as nasty a way as possible. Eileen also appeared to be quite content in her new role as an exhibitionistic slut. When they came out to give each of us a kiss, I didn't know whether to put my tongue down their throats or gag. After finishing her kiss with Ted, Sandy sat beside me.

Did you enjoy beating off while I was getting fucked by a big, black cock? With that she pushed me on my back, and planted her freshly fucked pussy on my face. That will give you a real good 'taste' of the action! I could only assume that Ted was doing the same thing for Eileen, but I couldn't be sure since my senses had been taken from me. I occasionally heard something about 'feeding him more often' and 'maybe this is what I've been missing', but most of Sea Mountain had vanished for me.

The place could have burned down, and I would have been the last to know. I ate my wife for at least 15 minutes and two orgasms before she got off my face. Sandy smiled down at me and asked, "Did Cecil and Jerome make you feel as full as I did? Afterwards the four of us returned to our area at the beach to talk about the experience.

Sea mountain inn stories

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